ChinaJoy 2019 ANNO: Mutationem Trailer Shows Pixel 3D Cyberpunk Action-RPG


ChinaJoy 2019 ANNO: Mutationem Trailer Shows Pixel 3D Cyberpunk Action-RPG

Debuting a brand new trailer featuring the pixel art style action-RPG ANNO: Mutationem at ChinaJoy 2019, developer ThinkingStars shows off gameplay from the title.

ChinaJoy 2019 ANNO: Mutationem Trailer Shows Pixel 3D Cyberpunk Action-RPG

ChinaJoy 2019 exhibition showed some of the most up-to-date titles from the China Hero Project. This project is to help Chinese studios to create games for Playstation. ThinkingStars is one particular developer that is beneath this collective and showed a new trailer for their upcoming game ANNO: Mutationem. The developers behind this title are a mix of veterans and fresh faces in the console gaming sector.

Set in futuristic Cyberpunk planet, ANNO: Mutationem is performed in a pixel art style but with 3D components which could be described as voxel.

Watching the trailer you can see a quantity of unique scenes which includes jumping from moving automobiles to hack ‘n’ slashing bosses, raging from beasts to robots. It type of appears like Death’s Gambit meets Cyberpunk 2077 with lightsabers. A side-scroller with some open planet exploration.

What’s exciting is according to the Playstation web site, they have used  “the well-known open-sourced operate series ‘SCP Foundation’ in the planet of ANNO: Mutationem” exactly where persons from all the planet could input their inventive suggestions.

From the abandoned ruins of a former giant city to the bustling street in the Metropolis. The developers of ANNO: Mutationem hope to offer a refreshing combat expertise and wealthy exploration in the planet of ANNO: Mutationem.

You can verify out the trailer and screenshots beneath:

According to an write-up by that covered ANNO: Mutationem at BitSummit 7 Spirits which took location in Japan in June, it must be releasing on Playstation four in 2019. Other platforms are also planned.

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