Trailer Tuesday – Solace of the Final Yolk



This week, Trailer Tuesday puts allergies to handy use, chomps blocks for puzzle-solving delights, and finds rooms inside things.



YolkSpire is a quick 2D platformer in which you the player are challenged to compete in a exhilarating competitors hosted by the magnificent Yolkchild! Be the very first competitor to scale his towering skyscraper in hopes of becoming heir to a treasure “Beyond Imagination”.”

YolkSpire is accessible now on


Final Labyrinth

Final Labyrinth is a VR Escape-the-Area adventure game, in which players will have to perform to escape a mansion complete of hidden dangers with a mysterious girl, Katia, that seems just before them.”

Final Labyrinth is projected to release in Fall 2019, but in the meantime, you can comply with its improvement on the game’s web-site.



“A legendary SHMUP influential to the ideal makers in the genre, Hellsinker is now accessible on steam in its most sophisticated kind! Gameplay, story, graphics, and even music all united into one particular cohesive and hugely dimensional Shoot-em-up!”

Hellsinker. is accessible now on Steam.



Hayfever is a story about Thomas. An overworked mailman with allergies which he makes use of as his double-edged super powers. Allergies have under no circumstances been a lot more fascinating!”

Hayfever is projected to release in early 2020, but in the meantime, you can comply with its creation on the game’s web-site.



“Choose your snacks wisely in this tasty puzzle game. Gabbuchi loves gobbling blocks, but you will have to very carefully opt for which ones he eats so he can attain the finish of every stage. Adjust colors, consume cubes, and attain the treasured heart cookie to advance.”

Gabbuchi is accessible now on PS4 and Steam.


Mochi Mochi Boy

“Mochi Mochi Boy has to rescue his pals from the Devil! In order to do this, you will have to be clever adequate to outwit the devil by stretching, twisting, and warping more than every tile previous 130+ floors of his tower.”

Mochi Mochi Boy is accessible now on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox A single,, and Steam.



“A puzzle game exactly where the rooms are things and the things are rooms. Get to the objective by moving, rearranging and duplicating rooms and altering the structure of the planet.”

Recursed is accessible now on Steam.


Arcus Chroma

Arcus Chroma is a Fantasy 2D fighting game with a comparable gameplay style to Hyper Hitboxing (my previous game). This game is built around a Juggle combo technique and quick paced grounded combat, so no jumping involved.”

Arcus Chroma is accessible (in an in-improvement state) on



“Take to the skies as a Naajira, a mystic warden with the energy of magic-augmented flight and impressively devastating spells at your disposal, and engage in combat with fearsome creatures and mighty bosses as you pursue an opponent who seeks to unearth lengthy-forgotten ancient magics and weapons for her personal dark purposes.”

Papilio is accessible now on


Stones of Solace

Stones of Solace is a minimalistic and contemplative ritual, providing you a quiet space for relaxation.
Locate out what your idol is, and take some of your time to craft them a present.”

Stones of Solace is at present in improvement, but in the meantime, you can comply with its creation on the developer’s web-site.