Tollfire – 1st-particular person Flamethrower


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I added the new flamethrower, and it no longer makes use of a physics joint. I may well go back to a joint, but it does not give as substantially handle as faking it, at least not as quickly.

I connected the hands to the flamethrower with IK, the code from right here helped set it up:

There is now a “dark thruster” ring to clarify the rotational stability, replacing the hooks from prior to. The hooks had prospective to appear quite cool, but I located it a danger that either: it is also transparent to see how nicely it animates, or it just gets in the way. And if I created the hooks shorter, their velocity prediction math only went so far to build a continuous, seamless “hook space” (every single basic path has a hook, no excessive stretching soon after the player slows down (otherwise they once again are also extended and get in the way)). I did not want to enter the rabbit hole of coding and fine-tuning a million diverse scenarios of player movement. The hooks are currently discovering use elsewhere anyways.

I also upgraded the screen shattering pattern:

This is an older video, it is the vacuum monster, which I will quickly be adding a lot more functionality to:


Precision Cats

I am operating on the initial gameplay region, which is the interior of this, the base of the necromancer:

I realized this alien ally had some presence in the events inside, so I created her model, as properly as the scripts for physics, and the animation of the portal device:

The device on her left arm is a portal, which provides her access to a sort of “immediate” if she desires something such as weapons, ammo, meals, overall health, and it also provides access to her belongings from anyplace.
That signifies she is a way for the player to get particular things he may well want.


Precision Cats

I am operating on the beginning region inside the necromancer’s base

This is the WIP view of it, pretty empty inside, but I’ve got a lot of homes and other stuff prepared

It really is a tropical paradise with all types of attractions, luxuries, and toys, which in fact finish up becoming really unsafe, and that is for the reason that the robotic hosts of the island:

have the objective of drawing in and killing guests.

For instance, take these toy rockets:

Properly, they propel themselves and explode on make contact with


Precision Cats

Or take into consideration these trampolines. No net. Possibly even larger acceleration prices for even a lot more unsafe fall distances, and no possibility to slow your descent either:

You may well have noticed some points on the bridge in the aerial view, these are these trampolines on angled platforms, which is supposed to be a faster way than walking the bridge (despite the fact that the angles and spacing is untested), but as soon as once again unsafe

And for some a lot more tropical beauty, I created a bone simulation animation script, which is impacted by the wind strength and path (and randomness for the four leaf bones):

(The sky makes use of “flow”(?), and has some noise to randomize the timing so it is not all definitely fading and appearing at the identical time, but that provides it some distortion which I in fact kinda like. Nevertheless quite apparent that it is flow even though)



Quite impressive visuals! What style of soundtrack do you program to use in the game sooner or later?



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