The ‘flailing salmon’ is the Enjoy Island-inspired sex position YOU want to attempt ahead of tonight’s final


HAND’S up if you are devastated that Enjoy Island is finishing tonight? Absolutely everyone? We believed so.

Properly if you are searching to lift your spirits immediately after the reality show winners are crowned at 10:30pm this evening, then you could possibly want to give a Enjoy Island-inspired “flailing salmon” sex position a go… yes truly.

 The 'Flailing Salmon' sex position isn't all that different from the pool dive Chris Taylor introduced to the villa...


The ‘Flailing Salmon’ sex position is not all that distinct from the pool dive Chris Taylor introduced to the villa…

Although “the salmon” pool dive was produced well known by our favourite kimono-wearing islander Chris Taylor, it turns out the move also operates fairly properly involving the sheets.

According to Urban Dictionary, the “Flailing Salmon” sex position entails the lady laying on her back on the bed with her legs bent. So far, so uncomplicated.

Her companion then lies perpendicular to her on his side and makes use of her knees for help.

And this is exactly where it gets truly superior: in order to comprehensive this weirdly niche move, the man should then move his complete physique in a way which “resembles a salmon attempting to get upstream”… or jumping into an amazing pool in a villa in Majorca.

 One of our favourite Islanders Chris Taylor made 'the salmon' pool dive popular in the villa


1 of our favourite Islanders Chris Taylor produced ‘the salmon’ pool dive well known in the villa

Despite the fact that it could possibly not look like the, erm, sexiest position straight away, you have to admit – it really is fairly effortless for the lady.

And when your companion is more than the novelty of rigidly thrashing round like a salmon to get his Enjoy Island repair, the “Leg-Ovie” is a further sex position inspired the reality series.

But we know what you are pondering: how do you preserve up the passion when all you can believe of is a flailing fish?

 Take a note out of Anna and Jordan's book with these furry handcuffs


Take a note out of Anna and Jordan’s book with these furry handcuffsCredit: Enjoy Honey
  • Red Furry Handcuffs, £9.99 from Enjoy Honey – get now
 The couple played around with handcuffs and blindfolds in the Hideaway earlier this season


The couple played about with handcuffs and blindfolds in the Hideaway earlier this season
 You won't forget this tingling minty lube any time soon...


You will not overlook this tingling minty lube any time quickly…Credit: Lovehoney
  • Peppermint Flavoured Lubricant, £7.99 from Lovehoney – get now

Properly why not take inspiration from Anna and Jordan (from happier instances) in the hideaway when they experimented with some furry handcuffs.

And to truly amp up the session, a tingling peppermint lube is a surefire way to make certain your bodies slip and slide with each other in fantastic harmony.

Trust us, you are going to be celebrating getting all your evenings to your self when once more by the time the evening is up.

For additional sex positions, the “Lusty Lean” is the position you want to attempt from your sofa – and it’ll make your man really feel large.

Plus The Knot sex position promises some additional thrills as it puts the lady in manage. 

Meanwhile we revealed the Stand and Provide position is a should for adventurous couples. 

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