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Teamfight Tactics’s things are seeing a dramatic modify in terms of which are the very best and which have gone down in the rankings. Some all-stars have been knocked off the perch by some unlikely suspects. We’ve got all the item rankings for TFT, as properly as the all-significant cheat sheet for use alongside your games of TFT.

TFT item recipes guide

Our TFT item recipes guide has an item recipes cheat sheet for your use at any time when playing the game. There are also the stats and skills for each and every single item and a ranking list for all the things in TFT.

Dragging a second basic item over a champion with the first one will show you the item that both items will turn into.

How to use things in TFT

Things in TFT operate slightly differently from most auto-battlers. Rather of just equipping an item onto a champion, you will be capable to combine two things collectively to not only make an item with each the bonuses of its components, but also a distinctive bonus for the item itself.

To do this, you receive things by either defeating Minions or drafting them pre-equipped from drafted champions. There are specific probabilities of how generally things drop in the minion stages, which you can come across in our TFT gold guide. As for how to equip things, just left-click and drag onto the champion of decision and release the mouse button to give that champion the item.

Full item recipe list for TFT

Click the image to expand to complete size.

TFT item recipe cheat sheet

You can save the image above – the cheat sheet – to use alongside your games of TFT. This consists of all of the combined things, what they do, and the things you have to have to combine in order to make them.

Just to absolutely clarify, all combined things retain each of the combined simple item’s stats. The exception is the spatula. If a spatula is combined with something other than a spatula, it will give the combined item double the other base item’s stats. As an instance, the spatula when created into the Frozen Mallet offers the wearer +400 Overall health. If two spatulas are combined, there is no stat get.

Current item rankings as of 9.14b

TFT 9.14b item guidelines

All the combined things in TFT have their use. None are “bad”, but some are aspect of some extremely strong combinations that just can not be ignored. Whilst the 9.14B update hasn’t changed also a great deal in terms of things, it has upgraded a couple of underperforming things such as the Morellonomicon and Infinity Edge, whilst at the very same time slightly lowering the price at which Cursed Blade triggers. Aside from these and the hotfix to the Locket of the Iron Solari, all the things else has the same effectiveness to just before.

The above rankings show that, even with their nerfs, Locket of the Iron Solari and Cursed Blade have nevertheless noticed frequent use thanks to their strong skills to grant shields and decrease star ranking for enemies respectively. Speedy Firecannon and Phantom Dancer have noticed widespread usage all through the life of TFT, while Seraph’s Embrace and Morellonomicon have ultimately reached the leading rank. Dragon’s Claw is a good counter for these pesky sorcerers as properly.

There are the things that are just superior no matter exactly where you use them. Force of Nature increases your deployable roster size by a single. It is tough to get two spatulas to make it, but additional numbers are typically advantageous, especially if your roster is complete of two-star rank champions.

There’s also Speedy Firecannon which is usually created for lengthy-variety champions but can be combined with specific melee champions like Volibear for devastating impact.

Other things have fallen a bit, but that does not imply they’re not beneficial. Guinsoo’s Rageblade grants attack speed to the wearer that stacks as lengthy as they’re attacking the very same target, while Zeke’s Herald offers a flat attack speed bonuses to adjacent allies. Elevated attack speed suggests that abilities employing mana can be utilized a lot more often. Spear of Shojin is also beneficial for mana recovery as the equipped champion recovers 15% of their maximum mana per attack, while Rabadon’s Deathcap also aids when it comes to capacity energy.

As for the 3 things that take up the “Average” tier on our rankings, the additional harm of Runaan’s Hurricane is not considerable adequate to make a distinction in games. Sword of the Divine’s capacity does not trigger adequate and the modify to Vital Strike harm did influence it somewhat. As for Titanic Hydra, it relies on bulky champions to get the most use out of it, which are not extremely desirable in the existing meta outdoors of Cho’Gath. Find out the tier list for all the champions in our TFT 9.14b tier list guide.

There’s a bunch of things that we’ve labelled “The Rest”. These technically speaking exist outdoors of the rankings mainly because their usefulness is solely dependent on no matter if or not you have to have a single a lot more member of a specific trait. If you have to have to make a Darkin to boost your Demon count to the subsequent tier, then it is worth developing rather than fishing the shop for that final demon.



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