Strategy claims an additional WoW planet initially against Mythic Azshara


Strategy, the UK-primarily based Planet of Warcraft esports group, has just accomplished an additional large planet initially. It is taken on the Eternal Palace raid and turn into the initially group to defeat its chief boss, Queen Azshara, on Mythic difficulty.

As reported by Esports News UK, competing reside in Germany at TakeTV’s studios on Sunday, Strategy managed to beat competitors Limit, Alpha, Pieces, and additional to take the raid win, earning its 12th WoW endboss planet initially and raid race win in the procedure, according to a tweet the group posted yesterday celebrating its achievement. You can verify out the moment Strategy won the battle additional down the write-up.

Method’s raid to victory was not uncomplicated to obtain – in the finish, it had more than 600 wipes in the raid as a complete, with additional than 350 on Queen Azshara herself. Guilds had been previously finding a bit stuck on the boss, but a couple of days ago Blizzard rolled out some hotfixes, nerfing Queen Azshara’s Arcane Vulnerability from seven down to 5 seconds for Mythic difficulty. Items began heating up at the weekend following the update, with Method’s guild managing to safe the initially win.

This victory marks the most current in a run of planet initially wins against some of WoW’s large, negative bosses for the group. Earlier this year it took out Mythic Jaina, final year got Mythic G’huun, and previously nabbed planet firsts against Argus the Unmaker, Archimonde, and additional.

Scott ‘Sco’ McMillan, the team’s co-owner and founder, was evidently pleased at the outcome, thanking the viewers and saying that it had been an “epic journey”.

If you are keen to see the win for your self, Strategy will post a video of its planet initially Mythic Queen Azshara win to its official Twitch channel later this week, on August 1.

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