OpenHMD: Open Supply Project for VR Improvement


In this day and age, there are open-supply options for all your computing demands. There is even an open-supply platform for VR goggles and the like. Let’s have a rapid appear at the OpenHMD project.

What is OpenHMD?

Logo of OpenHMD open source project for VR

OpenHMD is a project that aims to generate an open-supply API and drivers for immersive technologies. This category contains head-mounted displays with constructed-in head tracking.

They presently assistance very a couple of systems, which includes Android, FreeBSD, Linux, OpenBSD, mac OS, and Windows. The devices that they assistance consist of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, DreamWorld DreamGlass, Playstation Move, and other people. They also provide assistance for a wide variety of languages, which includes Go, Java, .NET, Perl, Python, and Rust.

The OpenHMD project is released beneath the Increase License.

Much more and Enhanced Options in the new Release

Virtual Reality Development

Not too long ago, the OpenHMD project released version .three. codenamed Djungelvral. (Djungelvral is a salted licorice from Sweden.) This brought very a couple of alterations.

The update added assistance for the following devices:

  • 3Glasses D3
  • Oculus Rift CV1
  • HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro
  • Windows Mixed Reality HMD assistance
  • Deepoon E2
  • GearVR Gen1

A universal distortion shader was added to OpenHMD. This additions “makes it attainable to basically set some variables in the drivers that offers info to the shader relating to lens size, chromatic aberration, position and quirks.”

They also announced plans to adjust the create method. OpenHMD added assistance for Meson and will get rid of assistance for Autotools in the subsequent (.four) release.

The group behind OpenHMD also had to get rid of some attributes due to the fact they want their method to function for every person. Assistance for PlayStation VR has been disabled due to the fact of some challenge with Windows and mac OS due to incomplete HID headers. NOLO has a bunch of firmware version, numerous will tiny alterations. OpenHMD is unable to test all of the firmware versions, so some version may not function. They propose upgrading to the most current firmware release. Ultimately, many devices only have restricted assistance and for that reason are not integrated in this release.

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They accounted that they will be speeding up the OpenHMD release cycle to get newer attributes and assistance for a lot more devices to customers faster. Their most important priority will be to get “currently disabled devices in master prepared for a patch release will be priority as properly, amongst finding the elusive positional tracking functional for supported HMD’s.”

Final Thoughts

I do not have a VR device and have by no means made use of one particular. I do think that they have fantastic possible, even beyond gaming. I am thrill (but not shocked) that there is an open-supply implementation that seeks to assistance numerous devices. I’m glad that they are focusing on a wide variety of devices, as an alternative of focussing on some off-brand VR work.

I want the OpenHMD group properly and hope they generate a platform that will make them the goto VR project.

Have you ever made use of or encountered OpenHMD? Have you ever made use of VR for gaming and other pursuits? If yes, have you encountered any open-supply hardware or computer software? Please let us know in the comments under.

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