‘Ode to a Moon’ Follows a Photographer into a Town Consumed


You are just a tabloid photojournalist out to document a harvest festival. You are not precisely equipped to deal with issues when a entire town is consumed by darkness and monstrosity.

Ode to a Moon follows mentioned unfortunate photojournalist out into what remains of this shifting, shivering town, watching as it is broken and reshaped by the cosmic forces that have overtaken it. Colors look incorrect – caustic to the eye. Distances are unclear and incorrect. The land itself appears to bend and wind about you, closing in as it chokes reality out of existence. It is kinda spooky is what I’m saying.

Fortunately, you get to wander this town and figure out what’s going on. Or just attempt to survive its deeply upsetting atmosphere and ever-disturbing events. Not that it is complete of jump scares or something, but the jarring nature of this new existence does make issues really feel a bit off and uncomfortable. There’s various techniques to figure your way by means of this spot (which signifies various endings primarily based on your behavior), so anticipate to obtain a lot of unique paths by means of this twisted new planet.

There are a handful of point &amp click components, so you will have to figure out a handful of puzzles and puzzling areas if you want to make it by means of the game at all. And you will, as you will want to have some notion what awful energies had been unleashed by a easy harvest festival in Ode to a Moon. Or else I assume your editor will be quite mad at you when you get back to function.

Ode to a Moon is at present in improvement, but in the meantime, you can download a demo from Itch.io and add it to your Steam Wishlist (and grab the demo there as nicely).


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