Nostalgia Moment: Donkey Kong Nation By Brandon Poe


As contemporary day gamers, we in some cases overlook exactly where the tips for some of the games we play nowadays come from. I have a tendency to in some cases jump back in time and play
all the games that I can don’t forget playing when I was younger. The drive to play these games ordinarily comes from one thing reminding me of the game and considering, “Man I would appreciate to go back and play that now.” I had one particular of these moments a couple days ago and the game I certainly had to play was Donkey Kong Nation for the SNES. I am certain several people today have played and don’t forget this game fondly, but I have discovered that my memory of games is absolutely diverse from the actual expertise. Now in saying that let me describe my memory of Donkey Kong Nation.

I don’t forget beginning up the game and enjoying the soundtrack, just seeing an older monkey turning an old-timey record player, whilst monkey noises had been getting produced in the background. I promptly fell in appreciate with the opening song as quickly as the baseline hit. I utilized to consider,” Omg this is going to be amazing.” When I took handle of Donkey Kong (one particular of the games protagonists) I admired the fluid game play and how he responded to my every single command. Jumping, rolling, tossing barrels, collecting bananas, I was in heaven and this game was the very best issue ever.

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