Nintendo and Bethesda Compete on UK Charts


This Friday we had been blessed by not 1, but two higher-profile releases from cult franchises: Fire Emblem: 3 Homes and Wolfenstein Youngblood. The former is the most up-to-date entry in Nintendo’s personal wonderfully charming tactical RPG series, in which the protagonist requires the part of a tactical instructor at a college and teaches their students how to be fighters. The latter is from MachineGames and published by Bethesda, and is the most up-to-date entry on a wonderfully bloody FPS series, in which the protagonist requires the part of two girls attempting to rescue their father in a globe controlled by the vilest beasts of all, the Nazis.

Per, each games raced to the best spot on the charts, with 3 Homes beating out Youngblood for the best spot. The FPS was no quiet competitor, even so, taking the #two spot just behind it, beating out Crash Group Racing: Nitro Fueled (six/21/19), knocking what had been #1 down to third place Marvel Ultimate Alliance three: The Black Order (7/19/2019), which was #two and now #six as nicely as Super Mario Maker 2 (six/28/19), which had a minor drop from #three to #four. Youngblood and 3 Homes are not the only newcomers on the list, even so, as Kill la Kill – IF also released on Friday and snuck in to snag the #40 spot.

This is my 1st time seeing this list, and it is fascinating to see older games managing to keep in the best 40. Breath of the Wild and Horizon Zero Dawn, which released back prior to the launch of this web site, are #13 and #27 respectively. Super Mario Celebration, which evidently wasn’t on the chart final week, somehow rose to take #25, and all 3 console ports of Minecraft, which was preferred when I was in middle college, are someplace on the best 40 with the Switch edition all the way at #11. As a outcome, I’m now pretty interested in watching these charts, and I’m hunting forward to seeing if 3 Homes continues to reign or if Wolfenstein will rise to beat it. Post your predictions in the comments beneath!


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