Neglect the Guns! RAMMING SPEED! (i.e. Major Stuff Incoming!)



Tldr: Enormous Amounts of Content material Are Coming Your Way!

  • What’s Staying the Similar – Game of the Week, One particular-Off Pre-recorded Videos, Podcast, LAN Celebration Thursdays
  • What’s Becoming Added – Monday by means of Friday Streaming, Every day News Digests, Extra Written and Video Content material as it Comes to Me
  • What’s Becoming Removed – Absolutely nothing! There’s just going to be tons much more content material, y’all!

If you want much more information and facts, maintain reading!

Good friends, huge news: I got laid off from my job! Some background. Back in 2011, I was unemployed and started Space Game Junkie as a passion project to give me one thing constructive to do with my time. Then, two weeks later, I got a complete-time job. With that job now in my rear-view mirror, it is time to devote my newfound added time to the factor that brings me much more joy in this globe than pretty much something else: Space Game Junkie.

Beginning on eight/five, Space Game Junkie will be adding day-to-day streaming to its roster. I’ll also be capable to do day-to-day news digests right here on the web-site like I’ve usually wanted to do along with other written content material, and capable to much better engage by way of social media and other channels. To be succinct, I’m diving into supporting Space Game Junkie complete-time, head initial, complete speed ahead. For the time becoming, I hope to mix producing content material right here with freelance operate in order to spend my bills, at some point moving to this complete-time if productive sufficient.

Now for the nitty-gritty. Monday by means of Friday will nevertheless see our usual pre-recorded game of the week coverage, other much more formal one particular-off videos covering previews and critiques as properly as our usual reside evening streams. Now, on the other hand, we’ll be adding reside streaming Monday by means of Friday, eight:00 AM to 12:00 PM Pacific time.

Now, as a lot as we all adore space games, if that is ALL I streamed, that may drive me batty. Wide variety is the spice and all that, and I’m a pretty ADHD gamer. ) So here’s what I have planned, initially:

Monday and Friday streams will nevertheless be devoted to space games. Monday will either be a classic game — like TIE Fighter — or a preview of a game, when Friday will either continue a game of the week till its conclusion or deal with an totally new game. So, Mondays, classic space game, Fridays. much more existing space game.

Tuesday by means of Thursday will be a bit much more fluid. I think in siloing content material, which signifies sticking with genres I adore, such as Space Game Junkie. Consequently, Tuesday by means of Thursday will function streams covering the following:

  • Mech Games – One more favourite genre of mine. We’ll probably start off with one thing I’ve however to play, like Mechwarrior three.
  • Sim Games – What I imply by this is simulation games, such as flight sims, tank sims, naval sims, and so forth. We’ll probably start off with one particular of my favourite jet fighter sims, TFX. Or possibly, if I can capture it, Jane’s Fighters Anthology. For this, I’m much more focused on sims with some actual gameplay, rather than sims that heavily rely on switchology as some kind of weird substitute for their gameplay (i.e. much more Jane’s, significantly less DCS).
  • Roguelike Games – I kinda began this currently with Rogue Game Junkie some time back properly now it is time to dive complete-on in. We’ll probably merge genres and continue our appear at Interstellar Rogue to start off.
  • Open Planet Games – I am a nut for games with a huge map with stuff to do on it. We’ll probably start off with a game I’ve barely touched, however maintain which means to invest much more time in, Far Cry two, which I’m told is the finest of the Far Cries.
  • Approach Games – I am just a sucker for a superior approach game, be it space, fantasy, WWII or what ever. I figure for this one particular, we’ll start off with one thing I’ve been which means to play much more of, Deity Empires.
  • Random Games – I get sent a lot of games that do not match in any of the above categories, but hey, they send ’em to me, so I ought to cover them, suitable? NO concept what I’ll start off with right here.

The strategy will be, for the genre-particular streams, to play by means of one particular game till I either finish it or get fed up with it and move on, when the random stream may just be one particular game one particular time, or various games in one particular stream.

For the time becoming, I’ll be streaming all of these solely on the Space Game Junkie channels, but if they garner sufficient interest, I’ll branch them off to their personal channels. These streams will also be cycled in and out each and every other week, and all of this will be out there on the calendar.

Now with all that stated, please maintain in thoughts that this is my initial stab at this. I could be undertaking all the things incorrect and ought to just eventually stick with space games. We may locate one particular genre does not do so properly, or that my initial concept of a schedule is untenable. This signifies none of the above is set in stone, and I’ll probably make modifications primarily based on what functions and what does not.

What I do know is I’ll require your support, your patience, and your understanding. I’ve not pushed Patreon a lot due to the fact, up till this point, I’ve had a job, but now I’m going to be leaning on it heavily. I’ll also be turning on advertisements (which I’m not a fan of, but if I strategy to make a go of this, they’ll be necessary), as properly as providing other techniques of assistance, from PayPal donations to merchandise. Good friends, if even a fraction of the people who comply with me on YouTube donated just one particular dollar a month, that is rent. I could move to producing this a complete-time endeavor with sufficient assistance.

Even if you can not assistance my operate monetarily (which is of course totally fine), you can support by spreading the word. Inform your gaming mates about the YouTube channel. Invite folks to the Discord or Facebook groups. Any tiny bit you can support will eventually go a extended way toward producing this endeavor the complete-time results I know it can be.

This is each a scary and thrilling time for me, but I couldn’t be much more thrilled. I imply, I’ve constructed this factor on a pretty component-time basis more than the previous quite a few years, so I can not WAIT to see what I can do after I have a ton much more time and power to dedicate to my content material and you people, our neighborhood. This is going to be the start off of one thing terrific, and I’m thrilled to have you all along with me for the ride.


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