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Introduce ‘MANE’ | a game inspired by my adoration of Mogopos lion coalition story in “Brothers in Blood: The Lions of Sabi Sand’ and a evening of never ever-ending lengthy conversation with a buddy.

MANE | narrative interaction that let you practical experience lion cycle of life.

– Wild Lion narrative simulation adventure | 2D platformer, option-matter ,tactic, RPG

Greetings, I am Khanin the developer and artist of the game.

Introduce ‘MANE’ | a game inspired by my adoration of Mogopos lion coalition story in “Brothers in Blood: The Lions of Sabi Sand‘ and a evening of never ever-ending lengthy conversation with a buddy.


MANE is a lion narrative simulator adventure about the particularly violent energy struggle amongst st a number of lion households in the wild.

The player will be creating possibilities as a lion all through periods of the lion life from birth till death. Guide your lion cub in mastering abilities , bonding with brothers or demanding dominance and respect from young age. To tailor your way to surviving in the wild. A fate destined for hardship as a male lion.

MANE are designing with numerous branches to identify numerous possibility. It is not the aim to develop your lion to be a leader of your coalition and claim oneself as a mighty king. But to survive the wild at what ever trigger. Picking to bond with the brother and searching for glory in getting your brother closest comrade could go a lengthy way. Have your performing in pushing which brother you’d to see claim the throne. Or,See your lion legacy unfold differently and attempt your luck at taking the nomads way searching for no pride and territory also could lead you into fascinating path. For the reason that in the finish, All the glorious conquers kills and reign will turn to earth as all items. Capture your tragedy legacy celebrating the cycle of life.


You are a male lion cub born inside a pride named “Kuanza” a powerful healthful pride claiming an abundant grass field on the west area.

On your youthful day, you will be spending with 4 brothers Black beard , Moon , Winky and Mhlophe The new young male cubs of Kuanza pride.
These carefree and security periods will inevitably not final. And,Not all will make it to adulthood when the threat come.

Forcing into adulthood, your grown-up days will be complete of hardship. Surviving on your personal for foods resource in the wild area of lands. complete with restlessly unsafe animals. Striving with each other with your brothers via blood and sweat. Till your time for conquering and claiming lands and prides for your personal come.

“Only about three-to-1 ratio that male lions will survive to adulthood.”


“MANE” is narrative and strategic RPG with 2D platformer element for exploring the intractable in the gamespace.

“MANE” present time periods of player’s lion phase into restricted cycles and Just about every cycle presented with a list of attainable actions to take.
On the cub periods, Player will get to opt for an action strategically to coaching your abilities with the pride , creating partnership or dominance ,or roam the region for an occasion.
With every single cycle presenting occasion card challenge your lion stats that will have an effect on you and outcome in a consequence in upcoming a single.
On the lion coalition periods. Player will be roaming the map picking path with restricted distance for a cycle. Then presented with events card for the region spot.
Every single cycle, Player are necessary meals resource. Player will get opt for to hunt ,spending time with the brothers or discover the region for far more occasion.

Essential Attributes :

Make your legacy | A king ,a nomad or a victim of the war and the wild. Playing as a lion from a cub. Seeing how your lion legacy unfold.

Survival for the fittest | The Wild is restlessly unsafe. Strategy you move and invest time strategically. A male lion life is destined for hardship, Just about every occasion challenges can outcome in dire predicament.

Make your coalition | Enter lion adulthood with Force of Greatness and could possibly. train your lion cub abilities as nicely as your brothers to be ready for the wild.

Brotherly enjoy/rival | A Complete narrative quest story and consequence committed for every single brothers. Your brother can turn out to be a loyal comrade top you to the glory or a rivalry await for betrayal.

Discover , territories | A Young coalition roam the wide map of unique organic area. with 2D platformer element exploring and interacting the region.

Conquer and Claim |Open war and invade toward other lion territories. claiming lands and owning prides to develop your reign.

Re-playable | A path for a king is not an quick a single. Fail-usually. Seeing how your lion life turn out differently every single play-believed

Personalize and customization wears | Character creation selecting your mane style and colour for your lion,Customize with three sort wearable reflecting every single of your lion ability.

One of a kind presentation | Stage-like exaggerating visual scene style for an genuine nature tale scripting in documentary manner

Assistance and comply with the improvement on Sun-torn.itch.io/mane

Also on twitter : @SuntornStudio or Me! @Khanin


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