Has the Subsequent Apex Legends Character Been Leaked?


Next Apex Legends Character

Though Wattson has only not too long ago been released, our interest is now directed at the subsequent Apex Legends character. Season three of the well-liked Battle Royale might be a when away. Nonetheless, a new leak has surfaced on line courtesy of the in-game files – and it has supposedly revealed the name of the upcoming Apex legend.

Respawn has only released two post-launch characters therefore far, Octane and Wattson. Now, yet another appears to be on the horizon.

Who is the Subsequent Apex Legends Character?

It seems as although the subsequent Apex Legends character will be named “Buddy”, even though Respawn is but to comment on the matter.

The suppose information and facts has come from dataminer The Gaming Merchant, who claims to have scrolled upon handful of audio files in the in-game files. The refercnes to Apex Legends’ Buddy character can be discovered under.

  • “buddy_land_slime_3p”
  • “buddy_sprint_slime_3p”
  • “buddy_crouch_brokenglass”
  • “buddy_crouch_brush”
  • “buddy_crouch_concrete”

Whilst datamined files typically do resemble upcoming additions to the game, it is not necessarily the most dependable of solutions. Inside Apex Legends, in certain, some elements can be from Titanfall files whereas other individuals can be topic to transform.

Though the subsequent Apex Legends character getting named “Buddy” appears like a fair possibility, there’s also the likelihood the files are referring to some thing completely distinct.

We advise fans stay somewhat skeptical till Respawn confirms something themselves, irrespective of how genuine datamining might appear.

Apex Legends Buddy Release Date

When is the subsequent Apex Legends character coming out, you might ask? Buddy, assuming it is an upcoming Apex Legends character, may possibly not be the subsequent to release – they could arrive sometime in the future nevertheless although. That stated, they in all probability will be the subsequent main addition to the game.

Buddy will presumably launch alongside the subsequent season, which is slated for release in September 2019. An precise ETA is at the moment unknown.

Subsequent Apex Legend Skills

The files have not revealed any information and facts on the suppose character’s skills. Nonetheless, we anticipate specifics concerning the skills to surface a handful of weeks prior the subsequent Apex Legends character launch.

All through the previous handful of weeks, numerous players have speculated and think Crypto is the subsequent legend. The character would presumably grant players with specialist hacking skills. With the most current information and facts to arise this may possibly not be the case, nevertheless.

In other news, the dataminer also claims to have found refernces towards giant spiders inside the game. The sound file supposedly mentions “AB_MIST_SPIDERS”.


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