‘From Head to Toe’ Reminisces on a Familiar Childhood Road


From Head to Toe requires Betty on a stroll with her higher college ideal pal Quentin, the pair exchanging memories as they march by means of the light snow.

You will share old stories on this stroll, chatting with an old pal as you reflect on the previous and your actions. You have a couple of dialogue possibilities, but this is not a game about higher-stakes replies or choices to fret more than. This is a relaxed speak with an old buddy, taken on a path you utilized to stroll on when you had been little ones. Via this speak of old occasions, the game explores themes of nostalgia and longing for these lost occasions.

From Head to Toe does not just have Betty idly stroll as you speak, although. You have to take every single step to move her forward, as properly as use exceptional controls to swing or playfully toss snowballs for the duration of your time collectively. The outcome is really relaxing and engaging for the thoughts, but also reflects on how we have to pick to move forward, even if we want to linger in the moment. There’s a sense of goal in the movement – of a decision we have a say in, and but not. It adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, ruminating on our willingness to participate in moving forward and leaving issues behind.

The game is a soothing knowledge in the joys of exploring old memories, the discomfort of watching our childhood areas fade away, and the feeling of these specific types of uncommon, cherished, eternal childhood friendships.

From Head to Toe is obtainable now on Itch.io, GameJolt, Steam, and Google Play.


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