Fortnite season 10 launches this week, and its 1st teaser has nostalgic fans incredibly excited •


UPDATE: Second tease continues Dusty off the classics.

UPDATE three.30pm: Today’s tease – the second so far – presents a far extra futuristic take on what Fortnite season 10 might hold in retailer – the silhouette of what appears like a character in a mech suit. Whereas the 1st teaser asked fans to “feel back”, this one particular states to “appear forward”.

But there is a further hyperlink right here to the game’s early seasons for eagle-eyed fans. The symbol on the left is that of The Visitor, the robot seemingly from the future whose rocket launch memorably took spot in season 4, kickstarting the game’s Kevin the Cube plotline.

UPDATE 11.05am: We’re just days away from the launch of Fortnite season 10, this Thursday 1st August, and we now have our 1st teaser.

Fortnite maker Epic Games normally reveals 4 teases in the days operating up to the new season’s get started – either of a character or weapon to be featured in the subsequent season’s Battle Pass.

But for its 1st season 10 tease, Epic has decided to showcase… Dusty Divot, the significantly-loved, significantly-missed place which was wiped off the face of the map when Fortnite’s meteor struck about a year ago.

For fans hoping to see Dusty Divot’s return, the tease is hugely thrilling as it hints at some sort of timey-wimey map shenanigans about to take spot.

Fortnite’s Vault, exactly where old weapons get retired (and, sometimes, brought back) has been the concentrate of the game’s storyline quite a few instances of late. Now, ever given that season nine’s climactic monster versus mecha battle, its power supply has been exposed. Current days have observed this power – officially named the Zero Point, Fortnite fans – seem to grow to be unstable.

An additional probable Easter egg can be observed in the Overtime challenges’ reskin of Battlepass character Stratus – whose storm tracker gadget now seems to be relabelled “time”.

The fan theory, then, is the Zero Point will detonate and actual map places from the previous will return – like Dusty Divot. But will it be in the exact same spot? And what else may well come back? (I miss Wailing Woods’ maze!)

For extra on what to count on when Fortnite season 10’s release date rolls about and a recap of the game’s current storyline, see our complete guide.


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