Fortnite pro removed from Globe Cup match for screen watching


Mark “Letw1k3” Danilov, a 14-year-old Russian player representing Gambit eSports, was removed from his final Fortnite Globe Cup match from the solo portion of the competitors, Epic confirmed to Polygon. A retweet endorsed by Danilov claims that he rapidly “peeked” more than his monitor setup to view the spectator screens above, but an Epic Games representative says it occurred much more than when.

“After many warnings to the player, a penalty was assessed and he was removed from the match,” the representative stated. “He was not disqualified and will not be fined.”

According to the official Globe Cup guidelines, viewing something other than your personal setup at the occasion is not permitted. Players cannot obtain “outside help concerning the place of other players, other players’ wellness or gear, or any other facts not otherwise recognized to the player by the facts on his or her personal screen (e.g., seeking at or attempting to appear at spectator monitors even though at the moment in a match).”

As Danilov wasn’t disqualified, he is nevertheless permitted to obtain his earnings from participating in the match — which implies he got a minimum of $50,000.

Even though the guidelines are simple, the situations major up to this moment are not. In an interview with YouTuber The Fortnite Guy, Letw1k3 claims that he looked about simply because he heard a “slam,” and that facts has sparked outrage amongst fans who think the removal was unfair. Removal meant that Letw1k3 couldn’t qualify for much more revenue. Letw1k3 also claims that he was provided the incorrect keyboard gear for the tournament.

Nevertheless, Epic says that Letw1k3 was provided many warnings to cease seeking at the in-property screens behind him. When reached out for comment, Letw1k3 just told Polygon that the subject has “already been discussed” but did not present additional clarification on what that meant.

“Screen watching” guidelines are not restricted to Fortnite — in the previous, Riot Games fined a League of Legends player $30,000 for the similar infraction.


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