Fire Emblem: Three Houses Romances: all S-Rank supports and romanceable characters


Relationships are a huge part of both battles and downtime in Fire Emblem, and Three Houses has a lot of people you can get to know – and several of them are romanceable characters that you can get involved with on a deeper level.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses takes far more time to indulge in the downtime between missions than the previous entries in the series, and that means more time for love to blossom with romanceable character options for both the male and female versions of the protagonist, Byleth.

In past Fire Emblem games, Romance was almost always the end-game of any character relationship, or ‘support’, that could rank up to the S-Rank level. Friendships ended in an A or an A+, while romance led to an S-Rank. In Three Houses this is a little different: there’s a bunch of S-Rank relationships, but not every single one is romantic; some are platonic.

On this page we’ve listed all of the S-Rank relationships for both Male and Female Byleth, noting which are platonic and which are with fully romanceable characters. The exact list varies a little between the two versions of the protagonist, but the good news is that there are some same-sex romances on both sides.

Remember, your support rank is raised by making the most of your time in the monastery, as we detailed in our Fire Emblem: Three Houses tips guide. There’s plenty of chances to raise your support rank there – take characters for tea, hand them lost items or gifts, eat with them, or help them with side quests. In battle, characters will rank up their support by fighting alongside each other, and the support rank also increases your battle competence as a team as well as deepens your personal relationship.

As noted on this page, some characters are exclusive to a single of the game’s titular Three Houses. In that case, you’ll likely only be able to put in the effort to romance them if they’re in your house. Most characters can be poached to your house through character recruitment requirements, however – so if you have a romance target outside of your house, you’ll want to work to recruit them first.

Here’s a full list of the S-Rank Supports in Fire Emblem: Three Houses – and as such, a list of all romanceable characters.

Fire Emblem Three Houses: Romanceable Character and S-Rank Support List

Here’s every maximum support rank the male protagonist Byleth can achieve in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Character Male Byleth Max Support Rank Female Byleth Max Support Rank
Alois S (platonic only) S (platonic only)
Annette S A
Ashe A S
Bernadetta S A
Casper A S
Catherine S A
Claude A S (Golden Deer only)
Cyril A S
Dedue A S (Blue Lions only)
Dimitri A S (Blue Lions only)
Dorothea S S
Edelgard S (Black Eagles only) S (Black Eagles only)
Felix A S
Ferdinand A S
Flayn S A
Gilbert S (platonic only) S (platonic only)
Hanneman A S
Hilda S (Golden Deer only) A
Hubert A S (Black Eagles only)
Ignatz A S
Ingrid S A
Leonie S A
Linhardt S S
Lorenz A S
Lysithea S A
Manuela S A
Marianne S A
Mercedes S S
Petra S A
Shamir S A
Seteth A S
Sothis A A
Sylvain A S
Raphael A S
Rhea S S


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