Fire Emblem 3 Homes Tea Celebration Guide


Fire Emblem Three Houses Tea Party Guide
Tea Parties are specific events in 3 Homes. This Fire Emblem 3 Homes Tea Celebration Guide explains how to get much better outcomes in tea parties which includes the unique conversational alternatives you can make and how much better to gauge the interests of your guest.

Just after a particular component of the story, you unlock the potential to host a Tea Celebration. A great deal like providing flowers, on a characters birthday you can invite them to a Tea Celebration. As extended as you answer at least two inquiries properly, it is usually additional valuable than flowers – in terms of creating Assistance with that character.

Fire Emblem 3 Homes Tea Celebration Guide

The 1st decision you have is the form of tea you want to present your guest. There are a LOT of tea variations so it is pretty complicated to nail the appropriate tea on the 1st try but use what you know about their character to support. For instance, Dedue is pretty steadfast and powerful and is rather fond of Ginger Tea for its spicy kick.

Just after you present your guest some tea, you will have to effectively answer a quantity of inquiries. The higher the successes, the higher the reward. Once more, this is all pretty a lot based on the guests private likes and dislikes. Verify out our 3 Homes Likes/Dislikes guide for additional information on character personalities.

If you effectively answer all inquiries a additional mini-game opens exactly where you can inspect the character additional closely. Be positive to appear at unique components of the characters as it prompts additional conversation and additional Assistance increases.

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