Bethesda has gone a bit DOOM mad in celebrating its 25th anniversary. The publisher lately released DOOMs 1, two, and three on PlayStation four, letting fans and a complete new generation play these old college shooters afresh. On the other hand, there is the possibility they are not the only retro games heading to contemporary hardware.

As captured by Gematsu, an age rating for DOOM 64 for PS4 was posted by PEGI, the European ratings board for games. The listing has subsequently been deleted, leaving lots of to wonder if this was hastily posted ahead of an official announcement. It is difficult to say what is occurred right here. It is feasible this is a error from PEGI, which also posted listings at the identical time for the other classic DOOM games. It is also feasible Bethesda is preparing to release the game on PS4 pretty quickly, but why not at the identical time as the other titles? Hopefully we’ll find out a lot more about this quickly.

Do you want to see DOOM 64 on PS4? What do you feel of the deleted rating — is a PS4 release on the way, or was it posted in error? Raise hell in the comments beneath.