Days Gone Patch 1.30 Adds New Weekly Challenge, Accessibility Alternatives


Players can adjust subtitle size, adjust repeated button presses to tap-to-hold, and substantially much more.

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Sony Bend Studio continues to update its open globe action title Days Gone with a new weekly challenge. Nevertheless, patch 1.30 also adds some welcome possibilities to make the game much more accessible to some players. These contain possibilities to turn off the controller speakers and adjust repeated button presses through grapple events to tapping and holding the button.

As for the weekly challenge, it is “Keep Them Safer” which sees players using their bike to take down a horde of 300 Freakers. You can use the crossbow for headshots which will fulfill sub-challenges and grant much more points. Far more challenges will be coming on August 2nd, 9th and 16th so there’s much more to appear forward to.

See beneath for the complete list of accessibility possibilities. Head right here for the total patch notes which also reveals fixes for a quantity of challenges (such as NPCs having stuck on terrain in “That Under no circumstances Gets Old”). At some point, the developer could move on to its subsequent project. Final month, it place out a listing for producer, possibly in preparation for upcoming improvement. It’ll probably be a whilst prior to something is announced even though so remain tuned.

Patch 1.30

Weekly DLC Challenges

  • “Keep Them Safer” is the subsequent free of charge DLC challenge! It is you and your bike VS. 300 Freakers!
  • Use your crossbow and attempt for headshots to unlock the sub-challenges for main points!
  • Do your finest to stay away from taking harm and rolling to earn even much more points to obtain a gold rank.
  • Challenge six – Will be unlocked on August 2nd
  • Challenge 7 – Will be unlocked on August 9th
  • Challenge eight – Will be unlocked on August 16th

A reminder that all the challenges we release are planned to remain unlocked indefinitely.


We at Bend Studio have been functioning on implementing a assortment of accessibility possibilities to make the game much more accessible for all players. With the release of Patch 1.three, we have officially began to rollout our new accessibility possibilities.

In Patch 1.three, we have added the following possibilities:


Though Days Gone did have the choice to invert the Vertical Camera, there was no choice to invert the Horizontal Camera as nicely. Now the player can invert each the Vertical and Horizontal cameras.


Camera Adhere to Tracking was an choice in Days Gone, but it wasn’t totally functioning as intended. Non-aiming cameras didn’t usually automatically adhere to the player, specifically if an enemy was in close proximity. Now, this choice need to be fixed. Enabling Camera Adhere to Tracking will now permit the camera to gradually adhere to the player when turning.


Previously, the only way to turn off the DualShock four controller speakers was by means of the PlayStation four method menu. We’ve added the choice to disable the controller speakers from inside the game. Undertaking so will reroute the audio by means of the player’s typical audio output device.


To make subtitles much easier to study, we’ve added the capability to adjust the size of the subtitles. The possibilities are compact (default), medium, and huge.


On top rated of adjusting subtitle size, the player can now adjust the subtitle background by creating it transparent or disabling the background completely.


By default, we usually show the speaker’s name in front of the subtitle. Now, we’ve added the capability to disable the speaker name from appearing in front of the subtitles.


We shipped our game with repeated button presses for our grapple events. We have now added the choice to adjust the tap to a hold. Now, players can hold the essential button for a specific quantity of time to total the very same events.


The size of our repeated button icons can also be compact, specifically for players additional away from their screens. We added an choice for the player to adjust the size of repeated button icons, from compact (default), to medium, to huge.


We relaxed how far the left analog stick had to be pressed prior to activating sprint, creating it really feel substantially much more responsive.

This is only the starting of our push for much more and much better accessibility options in Days Gone. We’re nonetheless functioning on attempting to implement much more possibilities, and will be rolling them out in the coming months. We’ll preserve you updated as we operate on and roll out added options.


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