Block Puzzle – Wood Legends


The game to remedy your cravings for a puzzle is right here! Neglect all these pseudo-Tetris puzzlers and just play the most effective of them all! Featuring each mechanics that make block puzzles shine, this is a terrific way to revive your like for the forgotten subgenre.  Get your totally free download of Block Puzzle – Wood Legend Computer game when you scroll under.


Block Puzzle – Wood Legend Computer Characteristics

The game plays similarly to any other block puzzle game. It functions like Tetris, except that you are offered with a hand of blocks alternatively of possessing to handle falling blocks.


Game Mechanics

For the duration of every of your turns, you are dealt with 3 clusters of blocks of unique sizes. You have to spot them in the playing field. If none of them will match in the offered grids, it is game more than in Block Puzzle – Wood Legend. To make certain that blocks will match, you have to clear as lots of blocks as doable. Clearing blocks is accomplished by filling an whole row or column. It is honestly as straightforward as 1-two-three, but this simplicity itself is adequate explanation to be hooked in the game. Download extra puzzle games like this one particular from our collection such as Tomb of the Mask and Word Snack – Your Picnic with Words.


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