Agent 47 Heading To Siberia In Subsequent Sniper Assassin Map


Agent 47 is heading out on a new mission tomorrow with the release of the new Siberia map for the game’s Sniper Assassin mode. He may want to pack a jacket, simply because issues are going to be chilly.

In the new Siberia map, players have to take out a pair of targets at a Siberian prison and numerous members of an elite mercenary force. Roman Khabko is a Russian mobster (and inmate), and Vitaly Reznikov is the warden who runs the location. Taking them out undetected from your sniper perch will not be quick, specifically with members of Reznikov’s Siberian Tigers posted as guards. 

Players can take on the challenge solo or with a co-op buddy. You will be in a position to unlock new challenges and mastery levels for the ICA Druzhina 34 Arctic sniper rifle. Total the highest mastery ranking and you can unlock the rifle in the game’s sandbox modes.

The DLC is readily available as component of Hitman 2’s expansion pass and its Gold edition. The Siberia map will be readily available tomorrow on PlayStation four, Xbox 1, and Computer.


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