Age of Civilizations Africa is Now Cost-free


Age of Civilizations is a turn-primarily based technique game exactly where you have 1 aim, dominate the globe. In Age of Civilizations Africa, you also have 1 target, and that is to conquer all of Africa by any suggests needed.

Age of Civilizations Africa – A lot of content material for a free of charge game

Age of Civilizations is a technique game exactly where you want to expand your empire. If you shed your capital city for 3 turns, then your civilization will crumble and cease to exist.

What tends to make Age of Civilizations a superior technique game is the scenarios and size of the map. There are 235 Civilizations, 436 provinces inside of Africa and 5 scenarios (not which includes the generate your personal).

If you are searching for a technique game to sink some hours into, then appear no additional. You can grab a copy for free of charge from the Google Play Retailer.


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