A British teenager is taking house $1.25 million in Fortnite Planet Cup prize revenue


A 15-year-old boy from Essex was a single of the prizewinners in the Fortnite Planet Cup Saturday. Jaden Ashman and his companion Dave Jong spot second in a duos round in the tournament.

Ashman and Jong each get a $1.25 million (£1 million) slice of the $30 million Fortnite Planet Cup prize pool. They came in second to Norway’s Emil “Nyhrox” Bergquist Pederson and Austria’s David “Aqua” W.

Ashman, who plays Fortnite below the name Wolfiez, was profiled by The Guardian, which points out that he and his mother Lisa have been sometimes at odds about his videogame playing habits. She mentioned she as soon as threw away an Xbox, but has “now accepted his selection to compete professionally.”

A million dollars can be remarkably persuasive at instances, it turns out.

“Now I’ve proved to her that I can do stuff, I’m truly satisfied,” Ashman mentioned.
One more fascinating issue about Ashman’s second-spot finish: he was competing with a controller rather of mouse and keyboard. As Polygon reports, he’s a member of what’s becoming named the “controller gang” – a group of Fornite pros who favor controllers more than the traditionally-favored mouse and keyboard setup.

In any occasion, Ashman is returning house from New York drastically wealthier, but his mother told the BBC he’s not considerably of a materialist – he’s most likely to devote the revenue on a “lifetime of Uber Eats,” she mentioned.

The solo tournament will take spot later these days, starting at 13:00 EDT / 18:00 BST. The top rated prize in that phase of the tournament is $three million.

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