15 year old from Essex finishes second in Fortnite Planet Cup


Wolfiez, otherwise identified as 15 year old Jaden Ashman from Hornchurch, placed second in the current Fortnite Planet Cup and will split the prize revenue of $two.25 million with his duos teammate, as reported by the BBC. 

Jaden has played the game because it very first took off as the most well known battle royale game out there, but he told the BBC he was ‘stunned’ to have completed in second spot. And it was a close match as well winners Nyhrox and Aqua, or Norwegian Emil Bergquist Pedersen and Austrian David W, have been only 4 points ahead of Jaden and Dutch teammate Dave Jong (or Rojo). 

Jaden’s mum, Lisa Dallman, explained that the time her son spent on games utilized to bring about rows amongst them due to the fact it impacted his academic functionality. She once threw out his Xbox after an argument, but she has because accepted Jaden’s profession decision as a Fortnite pro. The £921,000 prize revenue most likely helped with that. 

The Fortnite solo final took spot yesterday in New York, and 16 year old Kyle Giersdorf walked away with $three million in prize revenue and the esteemed title of the very first ever Fortnite Planet Champion. 


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