No undesirable blood in between PUBG Corp. and Epic Games regardless of the lawsuit



PUBG Corp. and Epic Games, developers of the respective battle royale behemoths PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite, are fantastic pals with each and every other, according to an interview with PCGamesN.

What feels like aeons and aeons ago, Fortnite made use of to only be a PvE game with a mode named Save the Globe. Save the Globe is exactly where you fight against zombies and developing fortifications with your compact group of survivors. This didn’t grip gamers’ imaginations, but then Epic Games transformed Fortnite into a PvP battle royale, rising its recognition stratospherically. Not every person was pleased on the other hand, and PUBG Corp. sued Epic Games early final year more than the similarities in between the two games.

Currently, points couldn’t be a lot more various. PUBG Corp. studio director Brian Corrigan spoke to PCGamesN and stated, ‘People have this concept that there’s some animosity or a thing with Epic, but they’re a single of our finest partners, we speak to them all the time!’

PUBG Corp. has also been inspired by Fortnite’s battle pass function, but Corrigan stressed the reciprocity of game improvement processes today: ‘When [PUBG] 1st came out – years ago now, I guess – the concept was to just sell a copy of the game, and it is going to be excellent, and that is that. A lot of the season stuff has been our internal pondering evolving more than time.’ 

‘While I assume we can find out a tiny bit from how that is functioning more than there, just like all games find out from each and every other, I do not assume their model precisely functions for us.’ Corrigan went on to credit the esports programme and the special intensity of PUBG matches as what sets it apart from other battle royale titles. ‘I guess what I’m attempting to say is, it is not like we’re taking the blueprint more than there and attempting to make a improved photocopier. That is not it. If there’s pieces that operate for us, that is excellent, since we ought to find out from the finest teachers across a lot of various games, but our formula is special.’

PUBG’s fourth season has just begun, remastering its original map Erangel and presents a paid battle pass.