Xbox One’s Residence Screen Gets A further Makeover In Most current Update


Microsoft has announced it is providing its household screen and voice command options overhauls in its subsequent interface update.

On its Xbox Wire weblog, the business showed a screenshot of what its new household interface (shown above) will appear as soon as the update hits for Xbox Insiders in the Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead tiers. “With this new experimental Residence style, the 1st issue you will notice is we’ve removed the Twists from the prime of Residence in favor of separate buttons that launch your gaming experiences,” Bradley Rossetti, Xbox’s Insider group lead, stated. “The aim is to let you jump into Xbox Game Pass, Mixer, Xbox Neighborhood and Microsoft Retailer faster than ever. We’ve also shifted points about to make a lot more space for your lately played titles.”

The new appear is nevertheless undergoing testing (therefore why it is only obtainable to Xbox Insiders), and may alter ahead of its final release to all customers primarily based on feedback. In its existing state, even so, it currently appears like an improvement and possibly not coincidentally, a small a lot more like the PlayStation 4’s interface, even though the methods in which you navigate it nevertheless differ. The massive icon and banner displaying the most current app or game played is place off to side and requires up significantly less all round actual estate, with a lot more emphasis on the many other apps that have lately been made use of. The icons for many Microsoft solutions and apps now have devoted buttons under the most lately-made use of app, producing them a lot more accessible without having sacrificing the obtainable or other apps.

Voice commands are also seeing some modifications. The most critical alter is that customers will no longer be in a position to use voice commands straight by means of your headset instead, they will have to use the Cortana app on an iOS, Android, or Windows device, Alexa, or Harmon Kardon Invoke speaker. Rossetti also says he update will have some improvements to the how voice commands operate by means of Xbox Talent (a plan that controls voice commands).


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