The Valve Index total bundle is at present back in stock by way of Steam


The Valve Index was announced earlier this year, advancing the style and top quality of Valve’s virtual reality efforts. As June 2019 rolled about, the VR headset was released. You could buy choose products or just let the Benjamins fly, getting the total bundle for $999.00 USD. You may possibly be as shocked as I was to uncover that the bundles had totally sold by way of their initial run. Right now, Valve announced that its upscale entry into VR is now back in stock.

Get the VR to the US… ASAP!

In a statement that was sent out to media outlets, Valve acknowledged that its stock of VR bundles is now in stock. The note goes on to study, “Initial quantities had been outpaced by demand so, as a outcome, customers had been asked to reserve their hardware as new kits had been in production.”

Sending bundles of like

If you have reserved your headset and your initial order didn’t get fulfilled, you may possibly be asking yourself precisely exactly where your bundle is at. In terms of unfulfilled orders, Valve had this to say, “Starting currently, instant orders are obtainable for prospects in the US and a comparable announcement will be forthcoming for other US SKUs as properly as these in other international territories. All prior reservations will be honored.”

Valve Index Bundle

This is somewhat comforting to these who had been component of the earlier adopter crowd who headed to the site to safe their spot in line. Having said that, it is surprising that it took the corporation much less than a month to ramp up production to not only fill empty preorders but to also fulfill any upcoming orders that might come from this announcement.

The Valve Index total bundle that consists of the upgraded headset, controllers, and base station is now obtainable to order by means of Steam. There are a handful of more products integrated in the $999.00 package. This is most most likely the greatest top quality in VR at this time, and also the price tag point you are going to have to get previous in order to knowledge it. That is — if your Computer is prepared.

If you are unsure if your rig can deal with VR, you can view the specifications (see under) or test your Computer by means of Steam.


    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: Dual Core with Hyper-Threading
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, AMD RX480
    • Network: Broadband Online connection
    • Further Notes: Available DisplayPort (Version 1.two) and USB (two.+) Port Necessary


    • Processor: Quad Core +
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or greater
    • Further Notes: Obtainable USB (three.+) Port Necessary for Headset Pass-Via Camera &amp USB Port Help


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