The Grip Clip Hopes To Make Your Switch Additional Comfy On the other hand You Like To Play


Absolutely everyone and their Undodog appears to be launching their personal Switch accessories at the moment, but this new project stands out from the rest thanks to its nifty, detachable style.

The Grip Clip is a new accessory now funding on Kickstarter. It comes in 3 components – two chunky controller grips that attach to every single of your Joy-Con, and a third central aspect which can combine the set to perform just like Nintendo’s personal Joy-Con Grip. You can use the two controller components in handheld mode for a bigger, far more comfy grip, but its the docked mode functionality that has us especially intrigued.

For games such as Super Mario Celebration or Super Mario Odyssey, playing with just a Joy-Con in 1 or each hands is anticipated. If you are a Switch owner who struggles with the Joy-Con’s little size, the potential to have separate grips for every single controller in every single hand could nicely be a dream come accurate. We have not tested the item ourselves, but it positive appears like a far more comfy way to hold every single Joy-Con.

Grip Clip Split Joy Con 02

You can go ahead and verify out the Kickstarter campaign oneself if you are interested in finding out far more or backing the project. The campaign is hoping to raise £36,000 and you can decide on to choose up either the Grip Clip on its personal for £18 (less costly for early bird purchasers), or alongside a protective carry case for £33 combined (once more, less costly if you are speedy).

Grip Clip Handheld 04

Do you like the appear of this new accessory? Will you be grabbing your personal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments under.


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