Square Enix’s Oninaki now has a demo


Kagachi understands the freelance life. It is challenging stuff, I know: trading out jobs, pushing your self to breaking point. Permitting haunted fiends from beyond the grave to possess you and adjust your profession ambitions. Do not think me? You can place in an hour-and-a-half suitable now.

Oninaki is the newest game from Square Enix’s Tokyo RPG Factory – the bit of Squeenix that tends to make a lot more of these old-style household-grown JRPGs like I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear. This time, the team’s taking a a lot more action-very first method.

Major lad Kagachi is a tour guide for ghosts with a daemon dilemma. Every 1 of the hellish rascals lands him a new job (class) and capacity suite, turning the boy into the ultimate freelancer. You will be flipping by means of them to make up energy just before casting them off like so tiny dirty laundry, turning the game into a balancing act amongst classes.

A new demo, dropping these days on Steam, covers the opening 90 minutes with all progress created carrying more than to the complete game. You can also jump suitable into the game’s Battle Mode, dropping a geared up character into tougher fights to verify out daemons, weapons and skills from later in the game.

Oninaki is due to launch on August 22nd, priced at £40/€50/$50.

I’ll not blabber any longer although. Alice L and Matthew had a bash at the demo earlier this week, and you can verify out their impressions under.


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