Rumor: Treyarch Fires Ten Get in touch with of Duty Executives


Treyarch, identified for their operate on the Get in touch with of Duty franchise, not too long ago fired one particular of its leads, Jason Blundell, beloved for his operate with Get in touch with of Duty Zombies. As reported by, he was offered the boot “alongside 9 other executives”.


However, Blundell was becoming dealt a stressful hand. By way of his years at Treyarch, he had been offered the lead improvement job for each the zombies group and the campaign group. Leads of just one particular group in game improvement commonly are paid incredibly handsomely, but they commonly are the ones who finish up operating 60-hour weeks when it is essential. Becoming in charge of two teams for such a properly-identified franchise would undoubtedly be extra than stressful. Following a lack-luster campaign in Get in touch with of Duty: Black Ops III and a scrapped campaign for Black Ops IIII, Blundell was demoted, and now he is supposedly gone with nine other people.


Call of Duty Zombies


This comes at a strange time for Treyarch, as it was announced back in May perhaps that the improvement group would be taking more than the lead part in the creation of the subsequent Black Ops title more than Sledgehammer and Raven, two seasoned Get in touch with of Duty developers that cannot appear to get along. No doubt the studio is feeling the stress with the series appropriate now, and now ten veterans of the franchise are not only stepping out of the firm but out of executive roles.


These layoffs have not been officially addressed by Treyarch. This information and facts all comes from a supply that they are “confident” on. Regardless of whether or not or not it is correct, it is absolutely a regarding headline for Get in touch with of Duty fans. got their hands on this information and facts extra than a week ago and seemed to wait for any sort of official statement by Treyarch ahead of publishing their information and facts, but the cat’s out of the bag. It is tough to say how this will influence future titles, but I would predict a couple of shoddy games coming out by means of 2022.



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