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At the late evening on 14 July, the qualifier for the major tournament of the year The International 2019 ended up. The second DPC season got more than along with the qualifiers. This year gave us quite a few intriguing matches, tournaments, benefits and events which are connected with Dota two and its neighborhood.

So, what has 2018-2019 season presented to us?

Majors develop into considerable once more

In contrast to 2017/2018 season, the second DPC season, Valve has considerably lowered the quantity of tournaments. Alternatively of 22 premium tournaments, the neighborhood got five minors and five majors. On the a single hand, it appears to be a minus, as the a lot more Dota we have, the far better it is.

In reality, this selection is suitable for the competitive Dota stage. Dota remains the similar, but the guidelines have changed. Important variations of 2018-2019 season from 2017/2018 season:

  • Significance of majors. Even although the quantity of championships has lowered, their value has enhanced. At the second season of the DPC program a win at a key supplied teams with having to TI which certainly was a excellent motivation for teams throughout the complete year. Majors once more had been deemed to be vital tournaments which assured a trip to TI
  • Absence of oversaturation. In 2017, there was also considerably Dota. Tournaments took location practically a single soon after a different. Breaks lasted for 7-9 days. Even if everyone liked this format at the starting, in the middle of the season it got clear that fans and spectators got tired of Dota. In 2018, Valve returned to the preceding format with 5 majors in a season. And the neighborhood liked it
  • Quantity of direct invitations has enhanced. Even if there are much less tournaments, the quantity of straight invited teams has enhanced. Alternatively of eight invitations, 12 had been played for.

These distinctive functions are remembered about the DPC season if we take a appear at the format. But apart from numbers and the quantity of tournaments, this year has develop into considerable due to other several events.

Final results of the qualifiers for The international 2019

To sum up the complete season, it will be silly not to mention the major qualifiers of the year. Six trips to Shanghai had been played for at the qualifiers in 2019. Due to the reality that twelve teams got to TI9 alternatively of eight, there was no competitors at some regions. Chaos became the winners in Europe as it had been anticipated, in South America – Infamous, and in North America – Forward Gaming. The Chinese area is the most competitive and sturdy if we speak about the level of the game. At the intense battle NG managed to win more than CDEC by the score of three-two. South Asia disappointed everyone with their level of teams and performers. Mineski managed to defeat the stack from Jinesbrus on final breath. The most intriguing for CIS citizens was a classic CIS knockdown-dragout fight.

Slaughter at the CIS qualifiers or worth of a ragequit

In contrast to the preceding year, the qualifiers in 2019 got diverse due to brightness of game and unexpected benefits. 1st of all, the greatest disappointment is 5 players from Gambit Esports. The brightest favored of the CIS qualifiers, the group that showed a higher level throughout the year, didn’t make it to the playoff stage of the closed qualifiers in the CIS. The cause is disagreement and misunderstandings involving the players. A essential moment which stated the starting of the finish was an unexpected leave of Afoninje soon after the death at a quite vital match against Winstrike. Iceberg and the teams closed the casket door although the sharks from Vega Squadron knocked a nail in it. As a outcome – three-four location and the operate accomplished throughout the year which turned out to be in vain.

On the other hand – Natus Vincere. The legendary tag, the most thriving group at TI, that come back to The International soon after two extended years. As properly as Gambit, Born approached the qualifiers as favorites. But the majority believed in the win of Gambit although Na’Vi had been believed to get to the final only. The 5 yellow-black players managed to show their characters and to win the CIS qualifiers, coming back to the list of eighteen greatest teams in the globe. Also we really should not overlook that The Alliance who are arch-enemies of Born to Win also created it to the International. This match can develop into the most epic and awaited battle at the upcoming TI along with the final of the tournament.

Thorny path to the stars or how the teams passed to The International 2019

The major purpose of the season was to define and to pick the greatest teams for participation in the major occasion of the year. And if Group Secret, ViCi and got to the occasion expectedly, the other teams had a a lot more challenging path:

  • EG. Evil Geniuses’ going to card is their stability. Getting played properly at the majority of majors of the season, the group supplied themselves with having to the TI
  • PSG.LGD. Even although the season was not as thriving as the preceding a single for the Chinese group, it is nonetheless a single of the greatest pretenders to the victory at the upcoming TI
  • Liquid. The group have been possessing a decline throughout the season, but nonetheless they managed to get back on their feet till the finish and taking two second locations at the final majors, the players got to TI straight
  • OG. The group that became the champion final year didn’t have the greatest instances at the starting of the year. Just after Anal, the major star of the roster, returned to the European group, OG began to play at the preceding level and managed to get a direct invitation to the TI
  • NiP. The group PPD deserved a direct invitation to The International thanks to wins at minors and rather excellent locations at majors
  • Fnatic. Despite the fact that this year wasn’t the brightest for Iceiceice and the group, they had been capable to qualify for TI
  • TNC Predator. Getting signed Heen as a coach in April, the group enhanced their game. Getting taken two four locations at majors, Armal and the group supplied themselves with having to TI
  • Alliance. The champions of the third TI come back to the major tournament of the year. Putting premium on the young roster and seasoned coach Loda, the Swedish managed to carry out properly at the second half of the year and kicking Gambit out, the group supplied themselves with a direct invitation to the International
  • Keen Gaming. The players from Keen Gaming total the list of the teams who got to the occasion straight. Rather low benefits throughout the year let them get by way of the minimal border of points, having the 12 location in the rating and a direct invitation to TI

That was the path of the teams to the major tournament in Shanghai. It is exceptional that at the property tournament only 4 Chinese teams out of 18 will play at although Europe dominates this year – six representatives at TI, rather considerable quantity. Apart from, 2018/2019 season was complete of scandals and curious events

Scandals of the second DPC season

As properly as in any other sort of sports, Dota has unpleasant precedents. The second competitive season was not an exception. We can make a number of highlights amongst the most scandalous and unpleasant events:

  • Inappropriate statements of KuKu and consequently his ban to participate in the Important in Chongqing
  • Scandal exactly where the champion of TI took aspect, Ceb and his inappropriate statements in public
  • Unexpected kick of MATUMBAMAN from Group Liquid
  • Loss of Gambit at the closed qualifiers for The International
  • Lil and his continual search of «family»
  • Dendi leaving Na’Vi


This is what is remembered about a typical Dota season in 2018-2019. But this is not the finish, the most vital is ahead.

Preludes are completed, participants are recognized, The International 2019 is close. Can they satisfy the hopes of their fans and win at the property stadium or will an even year bring a different championship to the West? We will get to know the answers to these queries quite quickly.


DPC season in Dota two

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