Purchasing every little thing in GTA Online’s Casino update expenses $800 of actual dollars


Now that GTA V Online’s Diamond Casino and Resort has opened its doors, we’ve got an concept of what the DLC’s stuff will price you. For instance, a simple casino membership will price you $500 of in-game money, or you can choose up the VIP membership for $50,000 – each of which could be covered by the Red Shark $100,000 money card, costing $two.99 (£1.99) in actual dollars, with some left to spare. On the other hand, if you wanted to choose up every little thing else the new content material has to present it appears like it would price you a lot extra than that – about $800 of your actual pennies.

GTA modder UnknownModder has posted their summary of what all the stuff in the new Casino DLC may price you on Twitter. Their figure puts it at a total $63,548,081 in-game money. The breakdown of this falls into six categories, which according to the user will price the following: casino (and designs, and so on.): $eight,884,500, clothing: $14,427,759, decorations: $7,279,490, tattoos: $1,598,820, autos: $28,030,250, and automobile mods: $three,326,762. Phew.

To translate this into actual-globe dollars, $63.five million would price you about $800. Primarily based on the price of in-game Shark money cards, if you purchased $64,000,000 making use of the highest worth card – the Megalodon, which is worth $eight,000,000 and has the most effective worth ‘conversion’ price – you’d invest $799.92 (£519.92).

It is worth noting that UnknownModder tempered the total with a note saying “assuming you could purchase everything” and a follow-up reminder that “you cannot essentially have various casino designs, clothing involves expenses for each male and female, and so on.”

Even if you cannot essentially purchase every little thing the pack has to present, assuming you want to see every little thing, it is an high-priced update. The autos alone, each at the moment supplied in-game and anticipated in the future, appear fairly pricey when you convert them into actual-life expenses.

Offered that the game permits you invest actual dollars on in-game chips also to hit the casino’s roulettes, slots, and card tables with, it is an intriguing selection on Rockstar’s portion – in particular thinking about current controversies on the subject of in-game gambling. If you are hunting to save some pennies, perhaps it is worth just sticking to the a single car or truck for now.

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