Ps Plus Sharing Difficulty : PlayStationPlus


So about three years of Ps Plus ownership, me and my brother have been making use of the very same Ps4 but making use of our personal accounts on the platform. Every thing concerning the Ps Plus worked smoothly and had no troubles with it from the begin. So I not too long ago found that when i logged into my user, I couldnt use any Ps Plus characteristics,also when i attempted to, it asked me to buy a Ps Plus subscription and believed that was odd. I did my analysis on line and located threads about three and four years ago experiencing the very same issue. None of them seemed to have located a answer and 1 of them stated that PlayStation Now Reside Assistance did not handle to enable him figure it out.

Is any one else experiencing the very same issue as me or capable to enable?

I currently attempted deactivating and reactivating the Main Ps4 far more than when.

I restored each licenses with each accounts and that didnt look to enable either.


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