On the web Gaming Stats And Trends In 2019



At present prices, buyers will be spending $180 billion on gaming annually by 2021. For the previous 5 years, total revenues from video games have been dwarfing these of the film and music industries combined. We take a appear at some of the movers and shakers, the trends and disruptors, and some of the jaw-dropping on the internet gaming stats of 2019 so far.

What are we playing on?

Up till 2012, PCs and consoles dominated the gaming industry, with mobile devices struggling to make any effect at all. Given that then, nonetheless, as smartphone adoption has grown the globe more than, factors have shifted radically. Initial, the arrival of millions of devices in Japan, North America and Europe, and the totally unexpected recognition of no cost-to-play games, abruptly produced mobile games a massive contender.

By 2018, mobile and tablet gaming had reached a important milestone – creating much more income than all other varieties of gaming place with each other. And now with millions of south East Asia residents becoming the owners of smartphones for the very first time, mobile gaming is enjoying a further big boom.

This is not to say that Computer and console gaming is not also increasing (albeit at a slower price) with massively common new titles like Fortnite and Overwatch, and established franchises like Contact of Duty and Battlefield enjoying a important revival. The increasing recognition of eSports, and booming Playstation four and Nintendo Switch sales, imply Computer and console gaming stay a massive element of the on the internet gaming globe in 2019.

How considerably are we playing?

In the US, 67% of the population play video games on at least one particular device, with about 50% of these playing on many platforms. On typical, they devote 12 hours a week, or 16% of their total out there leisure time, playing games. Across the globe, the quantity of total hours spent on games continues to develop by roughly 10% every year – specifically as a broader variety of ages and demographics enter the industry. The good results of ‘hyper-casual’ games, which lend themselves effectively to shorter sessions of play, has also opened the door for individuals who wouldn’t typically devote considerably time to gaming.

The Fortnite impact

Aside from its runaway good results, specifically amongst younger players, Fortnite has been a important game-changer in quite a few notable approaches. Usually, only five% of players in fact finish up generating purchases in a no cost to play game – but a survey by LendEDU discovered that virtually 69% of Fortnite players have carried out just that.

For 37% of these spenders, it was their very first time carrying out so. With much more than 200 million individuals playing Fortnite (most spending six to ten hours a week in the game) earnings have been fairly sensational.

In April of 2018, Fortnite was the prime-grossing gaming app in the US, bringing in a everyday income just shy of $two million. That spending is also much more extensively distributed across paying players, in contrast to the standard situation exactly where a pretty tiny handful of players devote the most cash on the game. On a slightly darker note, several players discover the game so compelling that 35% of students have in fact skipped classes to indulge!

Casino games

Some of the most exciting shifts are taking place in the on the internet casino atmosphere – exactly where development has been steady regardless of an ongoing decline for their land-primarily based counterparts. Enhanced safety and technologies related with mobile play, such as fingerprint and facial recognition, are generating the industry much more attractive to the much more wary customer. Web sites like vegascasino.io, which supply common games in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, are also assisting blur international borders and make casino games accessible to a broader player base.


With industry intelligence firm Newzoo estimating that eSports revenues could attain $1.65 billion by 2021, and virtually $three billion by 2022, investors are flocking. And these earnings are not coming just from the swiftly increasing viewership related with eSports, but with the coinciding promoting and marketing prospective for brands in a globe exactly where ad-no cost streaming solutions are taking more than conventional Television.

Aside from devoted eSports fans, casual viewership is also on the rise thanks to rising awareness and a lot easier net access. In 2018, six.six billion hours of eSports videos had been watched worldwide – if you track that development backward, this is an improve of about 1 billion hours a year.

Development across the board

Whether or not you favor to watch or participate, play on your telephone, Computer or by means of a devoted console, one particular thing’s for confident – gaming is truly massive business enterprise in 2019, and the trend is only going up. Game on.


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