MagicIR gaming head tracker hits Kickstarter


MagicIR gaming head tracker

Gamers looking for a head tracking method to assistance with in game manage and simulation games may perhaps be interested in the MagicIR head tracker launched through Kickstarter this week. The head tracking method is obtainable from roughly £33 and will be obtainable through September 2019 if production progresses smoothly.

Watch the demonstration video beneath to find out additional about the infrared camera and tracking method which delivers a raw resolution of 640 x 480 at 120 frames per second with a 9 ms response time and a 51.7° field of view.

“MagicIR is a head tracking input device developed for use with gaming and simulation Computer titles. It is an infrared camera that tracks the position and orientation of your head and then sends that information to any of the 100+ TrackIR Enhanced games and simulations.

The IR LED Clip, integrated with each MagicIR buy, attaches to the brim of a hat or visor and has 3 retro-reflective markers that direct infrared light back to the camera. The Track Clip Pro, which attaches to most Computer headsets, comes with active LED markers and is helpful when you have to have to track from additional away.”

Supply: Kickstarter

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