LSD: Lost Sandy Desert – Game Jam Make


LSD: Lost Sandy Desert is a weird tiny Sci-Fi adventure exactly where you hallucinate whilst attempting to hold hydrated in a sun-baked desert landscape.

In LSD: Lost Sandy Desert you have to transport 3 mystical cubes to 3 distinct locations of a desert, but due to the heat of the Sun, you will dehydrate and die prior to you handle it. That is unless you consume the strange juicy red fruit that grows in the desert, but there are some substantial side effects which come in the type of a assortment of diverse hallucinations…

Taking about 10 minutes to play by way of, it is a exciting tiny game that throws up some wonderfully weird tiny surprises as you total your tasks and trip balls in the desert. What will you see out there?

Download LSD: Lost Sandy Desert Right here (Windows)


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