Kings Draw – Beta Sign Up (iOS & Android)


Kings Draw is a lighthearted competitive card game for iOS and Android devices, exactly where you use teamwork as you battle players from about the globe in genuine-time 2v2 combat.

in Kings Draw teamwork is essential as you and your teammate try to defeat the enemy king by making use of a wide variety of attacks, buffs and spells. battles pleased in genuine-time and crucially, if you and your teammate play the exact same card sorts then you will earn an attack buff which can support to give you the edge in battle. As you progress you will also be in a position to customise your character with an assortment of weapons and amor.

It is a straightforward, but exciting seeking game which appears set to supply some very easily accessible genuine-time battles exactly where synergy with your teammate is important. Sign up for the Beta to see if you can play your cards correct.

Sign Up For The Kings Draw Beta Right here


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