Infiltrate a 1970s cult in The Church In The Darkness come August 2nd


Ever wanted to join a fanatical cult but have been scared of the particularly harmful genuine-life connotations? Worry not, The Church in the Darkness aims to provide precisely that expertise in the secure confines of your dwelling. The cult-infiltrator will come out for Computer, PS4, Xbox One particular and Nintendo Switch on August 2nd. Watch the launch trailer right here!

The aptly named developer Paranoid Productions has announced the release date for their prime-down adventure game with horror components on their official Tumblr web page. Following much more than 3 years right after becoming announced, only a bit much more than a week remains till gamers can infiltrate a religious cult to uncover the dark secrets behind a peaceful veneer.

What ending will you get? Will you get Alex out, irrespective of whether he desires to go with you or not? Will you confront the cult leaders? Will you join the cult?

Unlock every single ending for each and every situation by attempting various play types or producing various alternatives.

Various strategies to play: Prevent detection entirely, taking out guards and civilians non-lethally, or kill everyone who gets in your way.

Interview characters from Freedom Town and search for clues. Documents and letters scattered about camp will hint at the accurate nature of the commune.

Completely voiced game, starring Ellen McLain (greatest recognized as GLaDOS in Portal) and John Patrick Lowrie (the Sniper from Group Fortress two) as the cult leaders, Rebecca and Isaac Walker.

Set in the 1970s, The Church in the Darkness puts players in the footwear of Vic, an ex-law enforcement officer. As an undercover agent, Vic joins the Collective Justice Mission. A cult began and led by the charismatic Isaac and Rebecca Walker, situated in the remote jungles of South America. An exciting mechanic is that there are numerous game endings according to the players alternatives and actions, which encourage numerous playthroughs to uncover all secrets.


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