Indie Retro News: The Lord of Dragonspire


Terrific news if you had been a distinct backer of the Zzap64 2020 annual kickstarter or a follower of the psytronik web-site, as we had been lately told by means of Facebook that Icon64 will be bringing the RPG game of ‘ The Lord of Dragonspire ‘ to the C64 at some point quickly. This game of which we have featured prior to, is becoming created by Stuart Collier, Trevor Storey and Jason Web page, and as of this re-teased video, the game is now in the final stage of testing.

This C64 game which was a portion of the current Kickstarter which was yet another resounding accomplishment for Chris Wilkins of Fusion Retro Books. Is at present in improvement by Icon64 creators of Rocky Memphis : The Legend Of Atlantis, and will function terrific gameplay, terrific sound, and kick ass graphics by a group of men and women as previously described at the major of web page.

Please note that smooth scrolling is not doable, as according to Icon64 “The game makes use of a split bitmap mode and chars . very same way master of magic did it – and that has the very same impact

Hyperlinks :1) Kickstarter  2) Facebook  3) Web page


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