Hand of Fate Creator Defiant Improvement is Ceasing Game Improvement


Defiant Improvement — creators of Hand of Fate and Hand of Fate two — have announced that they are ceasing improvement of future titles. The majority of the company’s employees are going to be seeking for new operate whilst the studio transitions to “caretaker mode” for its current library of games.

If you haven’t heard of Defiant Improvement ahead of, they’re an Australian game developer who had a certain concentrate on “creating games no one else would”. Mainly, their operate was centered on Hand of Fate and Hand of Fate two, a pair of games that merged dungeon-crawler mechanics with these of tabletop games. Players would construct out a deck of cards and then attempt to endure a dungeon that was shaped by their personal creation.

Whilst each games are rated as “Very Positive” on Steam, it appears that the sales of these titles had been not sufficient to sustain the enterprise. Defiant Improvement announced in a Facebook post that they would no longer be creating video games:

The Defiant model has constantly focused on making games no one else would. Games that reflected the expertise and passions of our group. Games that did one thing new. Our procedure has constantly been focused on iteration and exploration. We go into dark areas, looking for hidden treasures. We set out with no recognizing exactly where the journey will take us, and we do so recognizing that the unknown is not constantly secure.

That is a risky way to make games, and we knew that. When it succeeds it delivers issues you could under no circumstances have viewed as attainable. When it fails, it leaves you with no a security net.

The games marketplace has changed in approaches each massive and little in the 9 years we’ve been in business enterprise. We have not been in a position to adjust promptly sufficient to continue with them.

For the instant future,  Defiant Improvement will be in caretaker mode for their current properties to retain them operating and most of the staff will hopefully be moving on to new organizations.

As a final (and somewhat bittersweet) treat, the devs shared a trailer for an upcoming game that they will not be in a position to finish. You can watch the trailer for A Planet In My Attic under and lament what could have been.

What do you believe of Defiant Improvement stopping game improvement? Did you get a opportunity to play Hand of Fate or its sequel? Let us know in the comments under!

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