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Possessing noticed some of the awesome original graffiti artwork we caught up with Graffiti Life in London to fund out far more about their function and what insprires them with their art. We have been amazed by the assortment of function in terms of style and composition and possessing noticed their retro game, film, Television and cartoon connected function we wanted to know far more. 


GYL. In a sentence what is graffiti life?

Graffiti Life is a collective of artists that decided to get organised and turn their passion into a profession. 

GYL. Whats your function and duty?

We like beautifying spaces, forwarding public art and advertising graffiti as a good artform. This artform has changed our lives, its such a highly effective medium and kind of expression.


GYL. Inform men and women who do not know you what you do and why you do it?

So we have been stuck in dead finish jobs a handful of years back, hating what we did and painting at the weekend. We wondered what it would be like, and if it would be feasible, to paint all the time, like, as a job! I do not believe we anticipated it to turn into what it has. We have been fortunate with timing as we began out when the street art boom was just starting, we began on a little scale but now we function with some of the greatest brands in the globe. 

GYL. . How vital is neighborhood in what you do?

It is vital. We come across that when we function on regeneration programmes art can support bring communities collectively. It is awesome how attached and proud men and women turn into to murals in their region. In yet another sense there is the street art neighborhood, awesome artists that hold us competitively upping our game. We have a little gallery in East London that permits us to support showcase street artists that the public could not know and develop the scene in that way also.

GYL. What solutions do you give – we notice you supply group developing?

Yeah, group developing is actually enjoyable. We teach men and women the standard procedures and some tricks of the trade and in a quick quantity of time get them to make a piece of function they can be proud of, it really is actually cool to see that progression in a quick space of time. We paint murals, in houses, offices and as marketing in the streets. We also do a lot of reside art, at something from conferences to festivals. This job has taken us all more than the globe and presented so a lot of possibilities, it really is crazy to believe that painting on walls could turn into this!

GYL. What art pieces (name a handful of – as a lot of as you like) are you most proud of?

I would say the giant Halo wall in Xbox’s London workplace or possibly our huge mural for the band Foster The Individuals… But that is a difficult query as we’re all super important of our function and really feel that there is constantly area for improvement! 

GYL. What game and film themes would you like function on and create?
We’ve been fortunate sufficient to function on a handful of cool game / film projects.. We have some function in the final scene of the upcoming ‘Dracula Untold’ film, we’ve painted and constructed a lifesize Minecraft castle and we’ve got a project quickly advertising the film ‘Chappie’. It is projects like these that make us believe that we have the greatest job in the globe! As fans of specific franchises often you get to function on dream projects and paint characters that you have been fans of for years..

I’ve constantly wanted to paint a giant developing side totally with pokemon, or a lengthy Mario wall with an whole level stretched like 50 metres lengthy.. Nintendo will need to make this take place! I’d also be delighted just painting Star Wars stuff every single day….

I’d also adore to paint anything for a video game, that was basically applied in the game. Typically any graffiti that seems in games is actually terrible, we could do anything great!

GYL. Have you ever thought of a gaming themed installation or gallery? One thing we and our audience would be extremely interested in!

Yeah, we’re speaking about carrying out a show on old game cartridges, would be exciting to see what our artists came up with. Pondering about it, a show of custom consoles would be fairly cool also..

GYL. Have you worked with any popular names as aspect of what you do?

A handful of celebs have asked us for artwork and we’ve worked on particular projects that have permitted us access to meet some properly recognized men and women. Most not too long ago the lead singer of the Bare Naked Ladies has bought a Star Wars painting we produced!

GYL.  How would you like graffiti to be perceived by the public and media going forward?

The perception is largely good these days, extremely unique to when we initially stared our painting careers. The public and media comprehend graffiti, so they are not afraid of it. There will constantly be detractors to the artform, but we do not actually let that bother us.. As lengthy as we’re nevertheless making highly effective artwork, we’re superior.

GYL. How do you use social media in obtaining the artwork out there?
We’re fortunate in that the function make appears to get shared rather naturally, so we have rather a powerful following on platforms like instagram and vine. We frequently leave a @Graffiti_Life tag on our pieces and it encourages interaction with the public. We got sent some wicked photographs of men and women posing with our most current Christmas wall!
GYL. Why London and Shoreditch?

We function globally, but our base is right here in London. The street art scene in Shoreditch is vibrant so it really is a superior match. It is an inspiring stroll to function every single day.

GYL. Do you have any ambitions for 2015 you can reveal?

I believe 2015 is going to be a terrific year. Our ambition is to develop as artists and spread our art to as a lot of locations as feasible.

GYL. Can everyone do graffiti – is it just for inventive artistic men and women?

Any one can paint, draw or do graffiti. To excel at something requires time and practice, graffiti is no unique, I genuinely think that!

Thanks to David of @Graffiti_Life for taking time out to answer our inquiries.


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