Final Fantasy XIV’s most recent Raid recreates an epic summon from Final Fantasy VIII


Heads up — this post characteristics a seriously cool scene from the new raid just added to Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers. If you are preparing to play it but haven’t however, go do that prior to reading any additional!

For weeks, the FFXIV neighborhood has been scratching its collective head about the premise of the game’s newest eight-player raid, titled just “Eden.” Of course, there’s a summon Guardian Force players can use in Final Fantasy eight with the similar name, but is that what the group is referencing right here? If so, how the heck will that operate?

Final week, the new raid lastly dropped and players got to see firsthand what specifically is going on right here. And yep — they went for it. I will not detail the story developments that place you up against the most ridiculous, overpowered Guardian Force from FF8, but it is a issue that occurs and it is glorious.

The moment you drop into the very first fight of the new raid, a newly orchestrated arrangement of Final Fantasy VIII’s fantastic boss theme kicks in and you uncover your self face-to-face with an entity named “Eden Prime.” It is an engaging fight with a lot of exciting mechanics and attacks for players to operate about, but the coup de grace kicks in about halfway by way of the encounter: A almost shot-for-shot recreation, in FFXIV’s engine, of the “Eternal Breath” attack from Final Fantasy VIII. Behold:

In case it wasn’t apparent — Left: Final Fantasy VIII // Suitable: Final Fantasy XIV

I will not speak about exactly where the raid goes following you finish this specific fight — but it is superior. If you went ahead and spoiled your self on this in spite of my warning at the top rated of the post, just know that this is but one particular of several ridiculous points that come about more than the course of Shadowbringers — and Final Fantasy XIV as a complete, which occurs to have a no cost trial you can sign up for correct now.

Anyone else playing by way of the new Shadowbringers content material correct now? What do you believe? Let’s chat in the comments! (But let’s keep away from speaking endgame spoilers.)


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