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For quite a few, 1 of the most daunting factors about fighting games is finding out every character’s repertoire. Involving specific moves, combos, and supers, it can generate a barrier that some persons just do not care to get previous. Fantasy Strike attempts to circumvent this when nevertheless giving a best-notch, difficult 2D fighter.

Given that Fantasy Strike is a 1-on-1 fighter, there naturally is not significantly concentrate on story. The premise right here is that a rock creature desires to bring the races of the globe with each other, no matter whether they be common humans, that 1 fish guy, a panda, or, uh, rock creatures. To do this, he puts with each other a fighting tournament or a thing. It is genuinely not vital.

Select your fighter

Fantasy Strike has a varied cast of characters that all really feel pretty diverse from every other, regardless of how reined-in their movesets are. They’re all broken up into categories, such as zoners, rushdowns, and grapplers. Some characters concentrate on projectile attacks, other folks on quickly-paced hit-and-run techniques, and some on highly effective grabs. Particular characters also supply a mix of these, so it is fairly uncomplicated to discover at least a couple that will match your playstyle.

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Given that there are no commands to input, every character tends to make use of six buttons. They can all jump and use a melee attack, two specific attacks, a grab, and supers. There is not any ducking, but particular attacks have variations primarily based on no matter whether you are pressing left or suitable or no matter whether you are in the air. In case it is not clear, just simply because there are not commands to memorize does not imply there is not a ton of stuff to discover. And if you want to make any headway on the web, you are going to need to have to discover a entire lot.

Test your fight

The fighting of Fantasy Strike is uniformly exceptional. The controls are responsive, the fundamentals are really clear, and the gameplay is usually constant, even although I’ve sometimes noticed situations of my character blocking attacks when I wasn’t holding the button. I was also impressed with the net code. For the duration of on the web matches, I by no means had any challenges with random disconnections, input challenges, or basic lag.

As for the quantity of content material on supply, Fantasy Strike has ten characters. Some of them are specifically what you’d anticipate from a fighting game, such as male and female samurai-form characters, a bald martial arts master, and a female ninja. Other individuals are relatively exceptional, such as a painter who fights with her brush, a fish-man who utilizes water-primarily based attacks, a gambling panda that has randomly-chosen powerups, and an aristocrat accompanied by a ghost that he utilizes to grab his foes.

Mechanically sound

In addition to how diverse the characters really feel, Fantasy Strike also has some exceptional systems in spot. 1 of the most vital ones is that the characters have diverse amounts of wellness. Valerie, the painter I pointed out, is primarily based about fast strikes and higher mobility, so she only has 5 units of wellness. Rook, the rock creature behind the tournament, has eight, but he’s the slowest character in the game. Attacks from 1 character compared to one more can do diverse amounts of harm as nicely. If Valerie grabs an opponent, it’ll only do 1 unit of harm, when Rook’s grabs do two.

Quite a few characters’ supers only do a single unit of harm, when other folks can do up to 3. This can make matchups wildly uneven for players who do not have a terrific really feel for the game however. Rook could be slow, but he does a ton of harm. A new player working with him against a new player working with Valerie can most likely place the Valerie-user at a fairly main disadvantage, as Rook’s super grab can take away three/5ths of her whole lifebar. Having said that, the game compensates for this nicely.

For starters, Fantasy Strike supplies a way to counter common grabs. All you do is quit pressing buttons and you will pull off a yomi counter, which is a terrific way to punish an individual spamming grabs. Each and every character also has quite a few methods of dealing with circumstances primarily based on the ranges of their attacks and their mobility. It is vital to continuously assume tactically, as understanding the way the characters move and what they excel in can make all the distinction in the globe.

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Round and round

Fantasy Strike offers with rounds differently as nicely. Due to how swiftly rounds are decided, on the web matches have 3 rather of two. This is a terrific way to give players a opportunity and not have 1-time blunders or flukes lead to a definite loss. Make no error, the game is purely talent-primarily based, as every single excellent fighter game is.

Fantasy Strike does not have significantly in the way of modes for now. The Steam shop web page says that additional substantial single-player content material will be accessible at launch, but that hasn’t been produced accessible, so I’m not positive what that is. At present, every character has a story mode bookended by story sequences brought to life by means of beautiful artwork and voice acting. Each and every story mode includes six fights and ends with the requisite, obnoxiously affordable final boss battle.

There is also a survival mode that is specifically what it sounds like. You fight AI-controlled fighters and see how quite a few you can take out ahead of losing. There’s a common and day-to-day mode you can attempt for anybody who desires to chase leaderboards. Naturally, there’s also a typical practice mode. I was a bit disappointed to see that every character does not have an in-depth interactive tutorial that breaks down all their moves and what they’re utilised for.

Goin’ on the web

On the on the web side, which is what’s actually vital, you have casual, ranked, and buddy matches. Casual matches supply a option in between browsing for players close to your talent level or anybody at all. Ranked matches are primarily based about your rank. You begin off getting a bronze and can only fight other bronze players till you get to silver. Whilst bronze, the game will pit you against the AI to rank up if there are not any other bronze players accessible. Otherwise, ranking up would be genuinely hard for newbies.

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The way Fantasy Strike handles ranked matches is neat, also. Prior to browsing for a match, you have to decide on 3 characters, and they’ll be randomly shuffled against the 3 your opponent picked. Given that it operates on a very first-to-3 method, matches can final for 5 rounds. When 1 player wins, they’re entered into a tournament bracket. Winning 3 matches in a row will rank you up more quickly.

Ghost town

Regrettably, I went from bronze to silver with no seeing a single other particular person playing ranked. All the occasions I’ve searched ranked games, I only ever got to play against a single other player. Of course, they have been more than 50 levels greater than me and swiftly beat me into the dirt. Whilst the game prides itself on getting additional accessible, that in no way signifies you will be in a position to jump on the web and discover even matches all the time. And that is if you can discover other players at all. In the hours I spent with Fantasy Strike, I didn’t see additional than a handful of persons playing on the web, which is a shame as the game is terrific.

Visually, the game is not going to wow anybody. The visuals and aesthetics are largely bland and have a Westerner-generating-anime vibe. The stages are colorful but not especially memorable and the art style is just genuinely standard. Fortunately, this does not impact the fighting, so this will not matter to quite a few players.

Fantasy Strike is an exceptionally excellent fighter that I delight in playing when I can discover an individual to fight against. It has a lot of exceptional attributes that set it apart from other fighting games. It is a genuinely uncomplicated game to advocate to anybody that loves fighters, as its mechanics and gameplay are best-notch. The only large problem is the player base, which will hopefully boost with the game coming out of Early Access.


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