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I am not ashamed to admit that I’m terrible at fighting games outdoors of the Super Smash Bros. series. In spite of this, the genre consistently attracts my focus. I’ll usually sit and watch competitive matches or even attempt out diverse fighting games for myself. Fantasy Strike is 1 game I wanted to attempt since of its premise. By design and style, it is a fighting game with wonderful accessibility for all ability levels. It even supports all manners of manage schemes, which includes a guitar controller. With simplified combos and mechanics, Fantasy Strike promises a great deal in approachability but fails to provide meaningful content material in every single way.

Fantasy Strike comes to us from Sirlin Games. If you are unfamiliar with the name, fighting game veteran David Sirlin heads the studio. His operate involves Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. I know him for building Kongai, which is an old card game hosted on Kongregate. Sirlin is a excellent designer, and it reflects in the distinctive moves of every single character in Fantasy Strike. Keep in mind, this game aims for accessibility, so every single combo is fairly straightforward to pull off.  Characters can’t crouch. They can jump, and can carry out unique attacks by hitting 1 button. Likewise,  you can unleash grabs and specials with by hitting 1 button a nicely, so even the most novice players can carry out extra complicated moves.

The Characters and Moves of Fantasy Strike

fantasy strike 5

Consume my gear, Argagarg.

Particular attacks and grabs are fairly common to the genre. A single of Fantasy Strike‘s most revolutionary concepts, nevertheless, is the Yomi Counter. In Fantasy Strike, correct prior to an opponent grabs your character, you can let go of all buttons to carry out a counterattack. The counterattack nulls any harm inflicted upon you and damages the enemy. It is an fascinating way to incentivize the reading of an opponent’s moves.

Characters themselves have extremely clever mechanics. The fish-like Argagarg is a zoner who can poison opponents. If the opponent hits Argagarg although below the effects of his toxin, it is removed and can no longer be broken. Hence, Argagarg’s move set revolves about pushing opponents away and guarding himself although the enemy’s well being whittles away. Geiger, on the other hand, is a clockmaker who can throw gears at his opponents. If he moves forward, a gauge at the bottom of the screen diminishes, rendering him unable to throw the gear. Walking backward does not drain his gauge, so you will have to spend focus to positioning and timing although maintaining opponents at a distance.

Sadly, although there are fascinating moves for every single character, Fantasy Strike is lacking in visual design and style. Every person appears so generic. Lum is an anthropomorphic panda, which is an overused trope in my book. Grave is your generic Ryu-like character that appears like an ordinary samurai. Seriously, the only fascinating member from the 10 on Fantasy Strike‘s roster is DeGrey. He a pompous, crime-fighting lawyer with a ghostly companion that aids him in battle.

Graphically, Fantasy Strike gives bland character models and generic stages. Backgrounds are uninspired, 1-dimensional set pieces that get tiring immediately after the 1st handful of matches. Conversely, Fantasy Strike‘s soundtrack functions a number of exceptional, adrenaline-pumping songs. The songs make up for an otherwise lacking artistic path and also tends to make the single-player a bit extra bearable to play.

Single-Player in Fantasy Strike

fantasy strike 4

The art for each and every cutscene is good, at least.

If character move sets are Fantasy Strike‘s saving grace, then single-player is exactly where it falls flat. The offerings seem substantial at 1st, but each and every game mode from Fantasy Strike offers an underwhelming quantity of gameplay. As a entire, matches in Fantasy Strike are speedy. Characters have hit points, and some attacks do extra harm than other individuals. I enjoyed the brevity of each and every match, as I locate games such as Street Fighter final also extended for my taste. A trade-off to rapid matches is that Fantasy Strike‘s single-player modes finish up feeling far also brief, even if these modes are not extremely very good.

In Arcade Mode, you go via a gauntlet of battles, with cutscenes appearing at the starting and finish of the mode. Cutscenes are generic, uninspired, and very short. Additionally, the voice acting includes some genuinely terrible performances. Characters’ lines also sound as if they are recorded on diverse microphones. If you can get previous the terrible voice acting, the story exposition is nevertheless far also short. There is no context to the cutscenes, so Fantasy Strike thrusts you into the lore devoid of any sort of explanation or which means. A cutscene immediately after every single battle would develop a extra complete encounter. In other words, if you are seeking for a fighting game with any sort of fascinating story, you can appear elsewhere.

To make matters worse, due to the modest roster of Fantasy Strike, you finish up fighting largely the exact same opponents for each and every character’s Arcade adventure. It often ends with a battle against Midori, a grappler. Midori is exactly where I realized just how busted Fantasy Strike‘s AI is. There are no difficulty selections, so AI’s behavior patterns stay the exact same. For numerous battles, you deal with opponents that consistently spam attacks. Midori, for instance, does the most harm with his grabs. He actually stands in location spamming grab as rapid as Fantasy Strike‘s mechanics permit. It is quick to Yomi counter due to the fact he is so predictable. It is frustrating due to the fact there is not any sort of approach or correct difficulty. Most other opponents also spam attacks in the most obnoxious way, generating a possibly enjoyable encounter into a thing basically frustrating.

The Day-to-day Challenge and Survival modes are also fairly equivalent to 1 yet another. For the former, you take on a singular challenge every single day (which are just normal old fights) and by the finish, the game will show how nicely you did against the rest of the player population. Survival is self-explanatory: you take on a set quantity of enemies and attempt to survive as extended as you can. Single match also enables you to fight 1 enemy but does not provide something diverse from the rest of the modes.

Multiplayer in Fantasy Strike

fantasy strike 3

It feels seriously good to uppercut Jaina, that attack spammer!

In spite of my feelings towards single-player, the fighting mechanics of Fantasy Strike are truly enjoyable and quick to get a hang of. This ends up generating on-line a extra enjoyable encounter. Sadly, it is tricky to locate an on-line match in Fantasy Strike.  I commonly carry out terribly in any sort of on-line element in fighting games, but Fantasy Strike gave me a fighting opportunity, no pun intended. On the net performs as very good as any AAA title, with no stuttering or lag to speak of. Sirlin Games boasts about Fantasy Strike‘s stellar netcode, and a strong foundation is reflected in the final solution.

For on-line, you can play casual, ranked, or pal matches. Ranked matches are when factors became a small uncanny. Theoretically, to play a ranked match, Fantasy Strike needs eight players to fill up the bracket. When I started a ranked match, I was met with generically-named players such as Grappler, Falcon, and Buffalo. I started to notice how players acted like AI, and I think my suspicions are confirmed when seeking at Fantasy Strike‘s player count. With so handful of people today playing, the possibilities of all nine of us playing ranked at the exact same time seemed to slim. I think Fantasy Strike fills Ranked with bots so as not to block players out of the mode due to its paltry player population.

Other than that, there is no genuine incentive to play on-line unless you have pals prepared to attempt the game with you. You rank up your character’s level and your general player level, but there does not seem to be any reward for performing quickly. This is regarding since players’ levels and score in Ranked mode are possibly not reflective of their correct ability level. Fighting non-human opponents is an totally diverse encounter than playing against actual people today due to the predictability of the AI.

Fantasy Strike Assessment | Final Thoughts

fantasy strike 6

Playing Fantasy Strike is a gamble.

Fantasy Strike faces an unfortunate dilemma. The single-player element is vacant and uninspired. Multiplayer, on the other hand, is a barren wasteland. The only way I can advise Fantasy Strike is if you want to understand extra about the mechanics of a fighting game so that you can move on to larger and improved titles. Or, if you can grab a pal, it may be worth your time. That is only if you can get previous the reality they will probably be 1 of the handful of people today truly playing Fantasy Strike.

Fantasy Strike gives an attractive premise of accessibility and fascinating, revolutionary mechanics. In numerous strategies, it succeeds in that guarantee but falters in pretty much every single other aspect. Characters’ visual styles are bland and uninspired but have fascinating move sets. The lack of player population signifies you either fight AI on-line or twiddle your thumbs in empty lobbies. Meanwhile, single-player only offers a handful of hours of entertainment at greatest. Fantasy Strike may be enjoyable for a handful of on-line matches. In the finish, you will finish up yearning for a a great deal improved game.

TechRaptor reviewed Fantasy Strike on Computer through Steam with a copy offered by the publisher.


Fantasy Strike delivers on its guarantee to make a fighting game quick to choose up and play. It is straightforward to get the hang of, and characters truly have cool skills. Nonetheless, it really is lacking in content material, lacking in a player base, and plagued with AI difficulties.


  • Special Character Skills
  • Decent Soundtrack
  • Straightforward to Choose Up and Play


  • Unsubstantial Singeplayer Offerings
  • Terrible Voice Acting
  • All round Bland Visuals
  • Small to No On the net Population

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