Epic Retailer pushes back vital options and improvements – once again


Epic Store pushes back crucial features and improvements - again

Epic Games Retailer has missed its Trello roadmap checkpoints but once again, according to the most up-to-date details. With function releases targeting April, customers anticipated for Epic to fill-in their Retailer as time went on. Curiously, this wasn’t the case.

As it stands, Epic Games Retailer is nonetheless missing options that Epic themselves slated for release by now, and fans and customers do not look to be pleased about it.

Epic Store pushes back crucial features and improvements - again

According to Epic Games Store’s Trello roadmap, Epic had six crucial options in strategy for release in April:

  • Search by Genre and Tag
  • Set up Management “Beneath the Hood Overhaul”
  • Improvements to Offline Mode
  • Retailer Video Hosting
  • Retailer Web page Redesign
  • Enhanced DLC Help – Multi SKU

User who has brought this up noted that at least some of these options are supposed to be created out there to the finish-user. Nevertheless, that is not the case. The reasoning may perhaps be very simple – lack of improvement sources or employees – but Epic hasn’t created any announcements concerning this.

In addition, the author of the Reddit post in query also noted that, following their create-up, all products on Epic Store’s Trello got postponed by a entire month. With the list of Epic Retailer exclusives increasing, customers had anticipated for the barebones store’s function list to develop as nicely. This does not look to be the case.


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