Discover the magical planet of Citadel: Forged With Fire when it launches this October on Xbox 1, PS4 and Computer


Citadel: Forged With Fire dragon

Want to study the arcane arts, turn into a fantastic Wizard and take to the skies alongside other sorcerers? Then the enchanted planet of Citadel: Forged With Fire may just be excellent for you, and it is set for a launch on Xbox 1, PlayStation four, and Computer (Steam), this October!

Set in the enchanted planet of Ignus, this magical enormous on the internet sandbox RPG aims to teach aspiring wizards the art of spellcasting, spellcrafting, broomstick flying and comprehensive creating. Only then will you be prepared to make allies in order to type a Residence and then an empire in Citadel: Forged With Fire. Ignus includes all sorts of environments such as dense forests, craggy mountains, festering swamps, frozen tundra and harmful caverns. In the end, you will want to practical experience the Forsaken Crypts and come face to face with difficult bosses, but only the mightiest wizards can overcome these.  

And you can use your Wizardly prowess to take to the skies
and cast from above or basically travel all through the planet. Any wand or weapon
can be enchanted also, with the solution to choose the preferred impact and add the
elemental essence to craft wonderful spells, hence aiding you in combat, beast
taming and resource harvesting. Anytime you want to take a break from battle,
you can often compete in the official broomstick-primarily based sports of Ignus. You
can even craft a custom broomstick, tame and mount dragons and giant eagles or
use alchemy to levitate without having the help of beast or broom – that is the energy of

“With 3 main content material updates and a lot more than 90 patches, we worked straight with the neighborhood through Early Access to make sure that Citadel was enormous in scale and wealthy with content material in preparation for it is complete launch,” stated Alex Tintor, managing director of Blue Isle Studios. “Three substantial boss dungeons, the refinement of our broomstick flight and addition of the Broomstick Sports combined with enhancements to our spell crafting technique will envelop players into this magical realm.” 

Created and published by Blue Isle Studios, Citadel:
Forged With Fire will launch worldwide by means of retailers and digital shops on 11th
October for Xbox 1, PlayStation four and Computer (Steam). Get in touch and let us know if
you will be grabbing a broomstick to fly to Ignus…


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