Dahna: Megami Tanjo import overview


Say what you will about Sega currently but back in the 16-bit era they gave the Genesis outstanding assistance.  If third parties would or could not assistance the program they licensed their titles and developed ports themselves.  They also aggressively went immediately after brilliant games from little developers.  Thanks to that we got future classics like Gunstar Heroes, Ranger-X, and Landstalker.  But not each import game was gold.  At initially glance Dahna: Megami Tanjo appears like a winner.  But thanks to an exceedingly higher and unfair difficulty it is much less than it could have been.  I can type of see why this a single was left in Japan.

Dahna is the story of two daughters, Regine and Dahna.  Each have been born with outstanding magic energy, specifically Regine.  Her energy was so excellent that forces from the underworld killed their parents and kidnapped her.  Dahna escaped, and was raised by the sorcerer Magh.  When Magh is kidnapped by an evil sorceress the now grown Dahna sets out to save him.

It would be straightforward to draw comparisons to Golden Axe by providing Dahna a cursory glance.  In reality it is closer to getting the Rastan game we in no way got for Genesis.  And yes, I’m like Rastan Saga two in that.  Dahna has a wide variety of sword attacks equivalent to Zelda two.  You have a regular 3 hit sword combo, can upstab and downward stab.  You have a magic meter that builds up by defeating enemies or collecting products.  Based on the quantity gathered you can execute a single of 3 spells.

Mechanically Dahna is sound.  The challenges come from the stiff controls.  Anything that does not involve attacking has a slight delay.  If an enemy leaps behind you Dahna is slow to turn about and attack.  You can each crouch and crawl along on the ground.   But carrying out either is pretty slow as you have to manually get back up in actions when performing either action.  There is a considerable quantity of platforming and for the most element the controls are serviceable.  The instances exactly where the higher jump will not execute on command is lead to for a great deal aggravation nevertheless.

What in the end ruins the game is the insane difficulty.  Dahna offers you a single life and 5 credits to attain its conclusion.  That is far from perfect thinking of the enormous undertaking ahead.  There are bottomless pits at each turn and with the much less than perfect controls possibilities are you will fall into a lot more than a couple of.  The game does not refill your life bar among levels which is insane.  In truth life restoring products are uncommon: at most you will restore 3 or 4 bars of well being.  That is practically nothing.  The only way to totally restore your well being is to attain a single hundred thousand expertise points, which also increases your max well being.  But that is a milestone that will only occur possibly two or 3 instances for the duration of the game.  They do almost everything but break your controller to deter you, I swear.

The most disappointing aspect of Dahna is that it could have been strong.  There are lots of components inside the game that I definitely like.  There is a excellent deal of wide variety from a single stage to the subsequent.  Stage 1 starts with you on the back of a giant.  It is extremely equivalent to the Bizarrians in Golden Axe and I would have loved to see a lot more of that.  The following level sees you on horseback as you ride down a mountain.  Later on you even fly on the back of a dragon.    When almost everything is operating suitable combat can be entertaining.  The game is pretty bloody and has inventive bosses as effectively.  But you have to tolerate a lot of jank to appreciate its great points.  A couple of slight tweaks would have gone a lengthy way.

Visually Dahna certainly appears like an early Genesis title.  The colour palette is pretty dark which fits the tone of the game but does practically nothing for the game’s visual wide variety.  The sprites are about medium sized but are blurred and in some cases lack detail.  This is an extremely bloody game for the period with enemies leaking blood when reduce.  A single boss in certain losses his further arms as the fight progresses and returns later in the game sans limbs with blood gushing exactly where they need to be.  Sometimes there is a fairly background but it can not make up for the rest of the lackluster presentation or weak music.

In Closing

Dahna could have been a great game. The action is good, the planet is fascinating, and there is a decent quantity of wide variety.  But the stiff controls and ridiculous difficulty ruin what need to have been a strong game.  It says a lot that Dahna was left behind in Japan at a time when the program was starving for games.


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