Bungie particulars its final Destiny occasion prior to Shadowkeep


The final occasion prior to Destiny two‘s upcoming expansion will launch subsequent week, and will see the return of Solstice of Heroes.

Solstice of Heroes will commence from July 30, immediately after the weekly reset concludes the existing Iron Banner occasion.

The upgradeable armour sets from final year’s Solstice occasion are generating a return – with a slight makeover – and will once again need players to full objectives in order to upgrade the respective sets.

Solstice gear will progress from Drained, to Renewed, to Majestic, and then Masterwork as guardians progress via challenges.

Fortunately, all this perform will not go to waste, as Bungie has confirmed they will be carrying more than into the new armour two. technique that is getting introduced in the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion.

The new two. armour technique will permit players to maintain their cosmetic look from a gear set, whilst incorporating attributes from a further armour piece.

In addition to the Solstice gear sets, players can participate in a new activity set in the European Aerial Zone (EAZ) that tasks a group of 3 guardians with killing as several minibosses as feasible in a set timeframe. When the timer expires players ought to defeat a final boss prior to they can discover the region for treasure chests. The quantity of chests that spawn will rely on the quantity of minibosses defeated inside the set time.

All through the Solstice occasion there will be everyday elemental buffs of solar, void, or arc harm that will give players an added increase to their gameplay. Solar will bring about players to radiate a wave of power that damages nearby enemies, arc will permit players to move more rapidly and deal enhanced melee harm, whilst void will turn players invisible, improve capacity regen, and permit them to see via walls.

A quantity of other cosmetic rewards will be offered all through the occasion as properly, which includes ships, emotes, and ghost appearances. Bungie noted that these cosmetic things would be offered in the Eververse retailer for microtransactions, but that they would all be offered for Vibrant Dust at some point all through the occasion. Vibrant Dust is a currency that can be earned without the need of paying genuine-cash.

Guardians will have till August 27 to participate in the occasion and claim their rewards, whilst Destiny two: Shadowkeep releases September 17.


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