Aion’s European version releases 7. update with new area and Artist spec


Pleased patch day, Aion people eastward across the pond! Gameforge has dropped the entirety of the 7. update upon you nowadays with a new area, a new artist class spec, a new PvE instance, new dailies, a new item manual, and new gear, plus accounts can now roll 13 characters.

“With the launch of version 7., Gameforge unlocks the new area of Dumaha with the PvE instance ‘Stella Improvement Laboratory’ and offers Artist class players with a second specialization to pick — the Painter promises lots of colorful action! […] The Bard will now be joined in the Artist class specialization by the Painter. Taking the part of a Painter, players will fend off their opponents with Paint Rings that fire paint at the enemy. The fantasy planet of AION is about to get a entire lot far more colorful!”

Effectively, you do not see that just about every day! Do note that Gameforge says it is discontinued Polish, Italian, and Spanish language client help for the game, although players who speak these languages will uncover forum and GM help continue. “The extra sources will be made use of for testing new game content material to make events and updates offered to players even more quickly,” the corporation says.


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